Carlo Pedrotti

Carlo Pedrotti, an Italian composer, born in Verona in 1816. He spent several years in Holland, returning to Italy in 1844. His best known opera, Tutti in maschera, was first performed in Verona in 1856, and in French under the title Les masques in Paris in 1869.

Carlotta Marfhisio

Carlotta Marfhisio, an Italian vocalist, born in Turin in 1835, died in 1872. She inherited the musical talents of several members of her family, and thoroughly studied harmony, counterpoint, and other departments of the art. Her magnificent soprano voice secured her success on her first performance in Venice in 1858. Her surviving sister, Barbara (born in 1838), who has a fine contralto voice, appeared on the same occasion, and the two sisters performed together in Italy, France, and almost all over Europe. Rossini,composed for them his Petiti mesne, which they executed for the first time in 1865. They were much admired in Paris in Semiramis, and Barbara won great applause as Azucena in Il trowtore.

Carlscrona, Or Karlskrona

Carlscrona, Or Karlskrona, a seaport of S. Sweden, capital of the province of Blekinge, 240 m. S. S. W. of Stockholm; pop. in 1871, 16,234. It is built on a number of small islands, which are connected with each other and with the mainland by numerous bridges, and is the principal station of the Swedish navy. The town is strongly fortified, and has a safe and capacious harbor, which has everywhere sufficient depth of water for the largest vessels. The houses are well built, though wood is largely used in their construction. There is an extensive naval arsenal and dockyard. The principal edifices are the council house, the prefect's residence, public schools, and churches. The chief manufactures are naval equipments, linen cloths, tobacco, and refined sugar.

Carlshamn, Or Karlskamn

Carlshamn, Or Karlskamn, a seaport of Sweden, province of Blekinge, 26 m. W. of Carls-crona; pop. in 1868, 5,578. It is well built, has a small but secure harbor, a good market place, a town house, two churches, numerous factories, and an active trade in iron, timber, potash, pitch, and tar, and is a station for coasting steamers.

Carlstad, Or Karlstad

Carlstad, Or Karlstad, a town of Sweden, province of Wermland, 160 m. W. of Stockholm; pop. in 1868, 5,433. It stands on an island near the N. E. shore of Lake Wener. Among the public buildings are a cathedral, a college, a cabinet of natural history, and an observatory. The exports are copper, iron, corn, salt, and timber. The railway connecting Stockholm and Christiania passes the town, and its commerce is greatly facilitated by the Gotha river and canal, making, with Lakes Wener and Wetter, a continuous navigation between the Baltic and Cattegat. The town and its vicinity are noted for fine fishing and shooting. It was entirely destroyed by fire in 1865, and rebuilt on an improved plan.


Carlstadt, a town of Croatia. See Karl- STADT.