Felix Edouard Guerin-Mexeville

Felix Edouard Guerin-Mexeville, a French naturalist, born in Toulon, Oct. 12, 1799, died in Paris early in 1874. He studied under Cu-vier, and became in 1850 professor of entomology at the college de France, and subsequently was inspector general of silk culture. His works include Iconographie du Regne animal de M. le baron Curler (7 vols., 1830-44); Magasin de zoologie, d'anatomie comparee et de puleontologie (26 vols., 1831-'44); and Genera des insectes (6 vols., 1835). A. Pereheron was associated with him in the last named publication, and Eugene Robert in the Guide de l'ele-veur des vers d sole (1856).

Felix Emmanuel Henri Philippoteaux

Felix Emmanuel Henri Philippoteaux, a French painter, born in Paris, April 3, 1815. He studied under Leon Cogniet, and in 1833 exhibited his first picture, representing an episode of the American war of independence, entitled " The Rock of Ice." Among his subsequent works are "The Retreat from Moscow," "The Capture of Ypres," "The Death of Turenne," " Bayard at the Bridge of the Garigliano," "Louis XV. visiting the Battle Field of Fontenoy " (one of his best), " General Gourgaud saving Napoleon's Life," " The last Banquet of the Girondists," many relating to Algerian warfare and life, and various genre pictures. In 1863 he produced pictures of the battles of "Montebello" and "Diernstein," in 1864 ".The Bride of the Kettledrummer," in 1865 " The Siege of Puebla," and in 1873 episodes of the Franco-German war.

Felix Meyer

Felix Meyer, a Swiss painter, born in Win-terthur, canton of Zurich, Feb. 6, 1053, died May 28, 1713. He studied painting under Er-mels m Nuremberg, and gained reputation bv ins views of Swiss scenery. He was employed throughout Germany by princes and others in ornamenting their apartments in fresco, lie also etched several plates of landscapes from Ins own designs.

Felix Neff

Felix Neff, a Swiss missionary, born in Geneva, Oct. 8, 1798, died there, April 12, 1829. He entered the army, and reached the rank of sergeant, but left the service in 1819 to become a missionary in the valleys of the upper Alps. In 1821-'2 he visited the destitute districts of Grenoble and Mens in France; and in April, 1823, went to England, where he was ordained an Independent minister. He afterward resumed his labors in the Alpine glens, dedicating churches, organizing schools, and aiming incessantly to benefit the people; and the hardships to which he subjected himself finally destroyed his health. His life has been written by A. Bost (London, 1855).

Felix Ziem

Felix Ziem, a French painter, born in Beaune about 1822. He studied in Paris, travelled in the East and Italy, and produced "View of the Bosporus," " The Grand Canal of Venice," and many other pictures relating to Venice, Antwerp, Marseilles, and Constantinople. His views of Venice are especially celebrated. One of his most effective pictures is " Vesuvius".