Hans Peder Holst

Hans Peder Holst, a Danish poet, born in Copenhagen in 1811. He received a superior education, and became in 1836 professor of Danish and of logic at the military academy of Copenhagen. His works include Nytaarsgave (4 vols., Copenhagen, 1835-'8), Dansk Leese-bog (1837-9; 5th ed., 1857), and the poems Mindeblatt om Kong Frederik VI. (1839), and Farvel, in honor of the same sovereign (1840), which have been translated into many languages. He has also published novels and translations from German and French.

Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs, a German poet, born in Nuremberg, Nov. 5, 1494, died in January, 1576. He was a cobbler, and was instructed in singing and verse making in Munich by Lienhart Nun-nenbeck, a Meistersinger. He produced, it is said, 6,000 poems of all kinds, about one fourth of which only are in print. These include 53 sacred and 78 profane plays, 64 farces, and 59 fables. Many of his dramatic pieces are brief comedies called Schwänke, full of coarse, strong satire on the times. Since the appearance in 1570-'79 of the collective edition of his works in 5 vols. fol., and the reprint in 1612-'17 in 5 vols. 4to, several editions of selections from them have been published, the latest forming vols. iv., v., and vi. of the collection of Deutsche Dichter des 16. Jahrhunderts, by Goedeke and Tittmann (3 vols., Leipsic, 1870-'72; new ed., 1874). He was called "honest Hans Sachs." A monument was erected to him in Nuremberg in 1874.

Hans Scbald Beham

Hans Scbald Beham, a German painter and engraver, born in Nuremberg about 1500, died in Frankfort in 1550. He was at first a pupil of his uncle Barthel Beham, and afterward of Albert Dilrer. Bartsch enumerates 430 of his prints, of which 171 are woodcuts. He ex celled principally as an engraver upon copper, and in small prints, which are much in the style of those of Aldegrever. He was notorious for profligacy, on account of which he was thrown into the Main and drowned.


Hanson , a S. E. county of Dakota, recently formed, and not included in the census of 1870; area, 432 sq. m. It is intersected by the Dakota or James river. The surface is somewhat diversified, and the soil fertile.


Hants , a central county of Nova Scotia, Canada, bounded N. W. by Minas basin, an inlet of the bay of Fundy, and N. E. by the Shubenacadie river; area,. 1,176 1/2 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 21,301, of whom 8,589 were of English, 5,728 of Irish, and 5,051 of Scotch origin or descent. The surface is diversified with mountains and valleys. The underlying rock is the Permian sandstone of the coal measures, and gypsum is abundant. The Windsor and Annapolis railroad traverses it. Capital, Windsor.


Haralson , a N. W. county of Georgia, bordering on Alabama, and watered by the Tallapoosa river; area, about 325' sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 4,004, of whom 319 were colored. The surface is hilly or undulating. The chief productions in 1870 were 17,780 bushels of wheat, 86,352 of Indian corn, 7,209 of oats, 6,772 of sweet potatoes, 49,947 lbs. of butter, and 308 bales of cotton. There were 354 horses, 900 milch cows, 1,411 other cattle, 1,992 sheep, and 5,456 swine. Capital, Buchanan.