Heinrich Gustav Hotho

Heinrich Gustav Hotho, a German author, born in Berlin, May 22, 1802, died there, Dec. 25, 1873. He studied in Berlin, and was one of the most distinguished pupils of Hegel. In 1828 he became professor of history in the military school of Berlin, and in 1829 professor in the university; in 1830 assistant curator of the gallery of paintings, and in 1859 director of the collection of engravings in the royal museum. He published an edition of Hegel's Vorlesungen uber Aesthetih (3 vols., Berlin, 1835-'8), and acquired celebrity as a historian and critic of Flemish and German art. His works include Geschichte der deutschen und niederlandischen Malerei (2 vols., 1840-43, left unfinished) ; Die Malerschule Hiiber's van Eyck, etc. (2 vols., 1855-9) ; and Die Meister-werke der Malerei vom Ende des 3. Ms Amfang des 18. Jahrhunderts (1865 et seq.).

Heinrich Joseph Koenig

Heinrich Joseph Koenig, a German novelist, born in Fulda, March 19, 1790, died in Wiesbaden, Sept. 23, 1869. He was connected with the civil service and the diet of Hesse-Cassel till 1850. In 1860 he removed from Hanau to Wiesbaden. His principal historical novels are Die hohe Braut (Leipsic, 1833), Die Club-histen in Mainz (1847), Die Waldenser (2d ed., 1857, under the title Hedwig die Waldenserin), and William Shakspeare (3d ed., 1850-'59). His works were published in 20 vols., 1854-'69.

Heinrich Julian Schmidt

Heinrich Julian Schmidt, a German author, born in Marienwerder, March 7, 1818. He studied at Königsberg, and became a teacher and journalist in Berlin. Since 1863 he has devoted himself exclusively to literature. His principal works are: Geschichte der Romantik im Zeitaiter der Reformation und Revolution (2 vols., Leipsic, 1850); Geschichte der deut-schen Literatur seit Lessing's Tod (5th ed., 3 vols., 1865-7); and Bilder aus dem geistigen Leben unserer Zeit (1870-'71; 2d series, 1873).

Heinrich Karl Erkardt Hellmnth Maltzan

Heinrich Karl Erkardt Hellmnth Maltzan, baron of Wartenburg and Penzlin, a German traveller, born in Dresden, Sept, 6, 1820, died in Pisa, Italy, Feb. 22, 1874. He studied at several German universities, made explorations in north Africa, Arabia, and other countries, and published Drei Jahre im Nordwesten ran Afrikn (4 vols.. Leipsic, 1863; 2d ed., 1868); Wallfthrt narh Mekka (2 vols., 1865); Reise avf der Insel Sardinian (1869); Sittenbilder aus Tunis und Alyerien (1869); Reise in den RfgnxUchaften Tunis und Tripoli's (3 vols., 1870); and Reim arh Si'tdarahien (Brunswick, 1872). He was a high authority in Phoenician and old Egyptian archaeology, and in S. Arabian geography, ethnology, and philology.

Heinrich Lang

Heinrich Lang, a German theologian, born at Frommern, Wurtemberg, Nov. 14, 1826. He studied under Baur and Zeller in Tubingen, and in 1863 became pastor at Meilen, near Zurich, and in 1871 of St. Peter's church in that city. He established a periodical in the interest of liberal Christianity, and has published many works, the principal of which are: Ver-such einer christlichen Dogmatik (1857; 2d revised ed., 1868); Eingang durch die christliche Welt (1859; 2d ed., 1870); Stunden der An-dacht (2 vols., 1862-'5); Religiose Charaktere (1862); Martin Luther (1870); and Das Leben Jesu und die Kirche der Zukunft (1872).