Heyniann Steinthal

Heyniann Steinthal, a German philologist, born of Jewish parents at Grobzig, Anhalt, May 16, 1823. He studied in Berlin, and became a lecturer there on language and mythology. In 1852 he went to Paris to study Chinese, and in 18G3 returned to Berlin as professor extraordinary. Besides editing with Lazarus the Zeitschrift far Vblkerpsychologie und Sprachwissenschaft (Berlin, 1859 et seq.), he has published Die Classification der Spra-chen (Berlin, 1850); Der Ursprung der Sprache (1851); Die Entwichelung der Schrift (1852); Das gegenseitige Verhaltniss der Grammatik, Logik und Psychologie (1855); Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft bei den Griechen (1863); Die Mande-Kcgersprachen (18G7); and Abriss der Sprachwissenschaft (1871 et seq.).


Heywood , a town of Lancashire, England, on a branch of the Manchester and Leeds railway, 8 m. N. of Manchester; pop. in 1871, 21,248. It has extensive and nourishing manufactories of cotton; there are also machine and boiler works, iron founderies, and paper mills.

Hezekiah Niles

Hezekiah Niles, an American journalist, born in Chester co., Pa., Oct. 10, 1777, died in Wilmington, Del., April 2, 1839. He learned the trade of a printer, and about 1800 was one of a publishing firm in Wilmington; afterward he contributed to a periodical, and for six years edited a daily paper in Baltimore. He is chiefly known as the founder in 1811 of "Niles's Register," a weekly journal published at Baltimore, of which he was the editor till August, 1836. The " Register " was republished by him in 32 volumes, extending from 1812 to 1827, and was continued by his son W. O. Niles and others till June 27, 1849, making 76 volumes in all. He also compiled " Principles and Acts of the Revolution " (1822).


Hiacoomes , the first Indian convert to Christianity in New England, born about 1610, died in Martha's Vineyard about 1690. He was converted under the preaching of the missionary Thomas Mayhew, and having been taught to read, he began in 1653 to preach to his brethren in Martha's Vineyard. He succeeded in making a number of converts among them, notwithstanding the menaces directed against him by the Indian priests. In August, 1G70, an Indian church was formed at Martha's Vineyard, and Hiacoomes became its pastor.


Hiberina ,.See Ireland.


See Leather.


Hierapolis , (sacred city). I. An ancient city of Phrygia, between the rivers Lycus and Maeander, celebrated for its warm springs and its cave Plutonium, from which arose a mephi-tic vapor which was said to be poisonous to all but the priests of Cybele. It was the seat of a Christian church in the time of St. Paul, who mentions it in his epistle to the Colossians (iv. 13). Its ruins, with stalactites and incrustations formed by its warm springs, are found at an unoccupied place called Bambuk-Kalessi. It was the birthplace of Epictetus the philosopher. II. An ancient city of Syria, between Antioch and Carrhae in Mesopotamia, called Bambyce by the early natives, one of the chief seats of the worship of Astarte or Ashtoreth, and a great emporium under the Seleucidae.