Somme, a N. department of France, in Pi-cardy, bordering on the departments of Pas-de-Calais, Le Nord, Aisne, Oise, and Seine-In-ferieure, and the English channel; area, 2,379 sq. m.; pop. in 1872, 557,015. The surface is generally level, but occasionally diversified. It is divided into two nearly equal portions by the river Somme, which flows through it in a W. N. W. direction. The soil is carefully cultivated, but not naturally fertile. Cider is an important product. Cotton, linen, and woollen goods, iron ware, and beet sugar are manufactured. It is divided into the arron-dissements of Amiens, Abbeville, Doullens, Montdidier, and Peronne. Capital, Amiens.

Somnauth, Or Somnath Pattan

Somnauth, Or Somnath Pattan, a walled town of British India, in the peninsula of Catty-war, in the political agency of the same name under the Bombay government, on the N. E. shore of the Arabian sea, 28 m. W. N. W. of Cape Diu, and about 200 m. N.W. of Bombay; pop. about 5,000. Somnauth is celebrated in the mythological legends of ancient Hindos-tan, and is now chiefly remarkable as the site of a magnificent temple dedicated to Siva, which formerly attracted many pilgrims, and was supported by the revenues of 10,000 villages. It was stormed and robbed of immense treasure by Mahmoud of Ghuzni in 1024, and its gates were carried away as a trophy. They were brought back to India in 1842 by the English, on the evacuation of Afghanistan, and deposited in the magazine at Agra.


Somogy (Ger. Schumegh), a county of S. W. Hungary, bordering on the counties of Zala, Veszprem, Tolna, and Baranya, and on Croatia and Slavonia; area, 2,538 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 289,555. It is mountainous, and is drained in the south by the Drave. Lake Balaton on the northwest is partly within its limits. The products include grain, wine, tobacco, and timber. Capital, Kaposvar.

Son Of Achilles Pyrrhus

See Neoptole-mus.

Son Of Theseus Hippolytus

Son Of Theseus Hippolytus. See Phaedra.


See Schwarzburg - Sondershausen".

Song Of Solomon

See Canticles.


Sonneberg, a town of Germany, in Saxe-Meiningen, 35 m. S. E. of Meiningen; pop. in 1871, 6,764. It is the centre of an important manufacturing district, and has a line church, a new town hall, and a new government building. Dolls and toys of wood and papier mache, china goods, cotton hose, and kid gloves arc-made here in great perfection. The shipments to the United States amounted in 1873-'4 to $938,332 in gold. In the vicinity are marble and other quarries, and there are many breweries. An American consul is stationed here.

Soochow, Or Suchau, A City Of China

Soochow, Or Suchau, A City Of China, in the province of Kiangsu, on a lake through which the imperial canal passes, 112 m. E. S. E. of Nanking, and 53 m. W. by N. of Shanghai; pop. variously estimated from 500,000 to 2,000,000. it consists of the town proper, surrounded by a wall 10 m. in extent, and four extensive suburbs. Silk, linen, cotton hardware, and glass are manufactured. There are many beautiful gardens in the neighborhood. It suffered severely during the Taeping rebellion, the insurgents occupying it and driving out the merchants and wealthy inhabitants. It succumbed with other cities of the delta to the imperialists in 1864, and since then has recovered much of its prosperity.