I. A N. county of Texas, drained by Trinity river, which forms its E. boundary; area, 1,000 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 7,514 of whom 1,506 were colored. The surface is occupied by prairies and tracts of hard timber. The prairies are very fertile. The chief productions in 1870 were 11,943 bushels of wheat, 312,843 of Indian corn, 16,076 of oats, and 2,960 bales of cotton. There were 7,387 horses, 3,892 milch cows, 21,211 other cattle, 3,007 sheep, and 8,171 swine. Capital, Waxa-hachie. II. A W. central county of Kansas, intersected by Smoky Hill and Saline rivers and Big creek; area, 900 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 1,336. The Kansas Pacific railroad passes through it. ' Capital, Rome.

Ellis #1

I* William, an English missionary and author, born in London in 1794, died there, June 9, 1872. In 1815 he became connected with the London missionary society, under whose auspices, in January, 1816, he sailed for Polynesia. He spent eight years in promoting the spiritual welfare of the natives of the South sea islands (at one of which, Tahiti, he erected the first printing press in Polynesia), and in 1824 returned to England on account of the illness of his wife, stopping for some time on the way in the United States. For some years he was employed in the business of the London missionary society at home, and published "Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii" (London, 1826); "Polynesian Researches" (2 vols. 8vo, 1828); "History of Madagascar," compiled from information received from missionaries and government documents (2 vols., 1838); "History of the London Missionary Society " (1844); "Village Lectures on Popery" (1851), etc. In 1835 his wife died, and two years later he was married to Sarah Stickney, with whom he resided many years in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, where Mrs. Ellis conducted a school for girls.

In 1853 he went to Madagascar on a mission of observation for the London missionary society, and after two other visits to that island published " Three Visits to Madagascar, during 1853-6, with Notices of the People, Natural History, etc." (London, 1858). A memoir of Mr. Ellis by his son was published in 1873. II. Sarah Stickney, an English authoress, wife of the preceding, born in London in 1812, died there, June 16, 1872. Her parents belonged to the society of Friends. Her first literary production was a didactic work for the young, entitled " The Poetry of Life." She subsequently wrote many volumes devoted to the moral and mental culture of her sex. The principal of these are: "Home, or the Iron Rule;" a series entitled " The Women of England" (1838), "The Daughters of England" (1842), " The Wives of England " (1843), and " The Mothers of England " (1843); " Look to the End" (2 vols., 1845); "Hearts and Homes" (3 vols., 1848-'9); "Mothers of Great Men" (1860); "The Brewer's Family" (1863); " Education of the Heart " (1869); and " The Melvill Family " (1871).