Friedrich Ueberweg, a German historian of philosophy, born near Solingen, Rhenish Prussia, Jan. 22, 1826, died in Konigsberg, June 7, 1871. He completed his studies at Gottingen and Berlin, and was a tutor at the university of Bonn from 1852 to 1862, and subsequently professor of philosophy at Königsberg. His works include System der Logik und Geschichte der logischen Lehren (Bonn, 1857; 3d ed., 1868; English translation by Thomas Lindsay, London, 1871), in which he agreed with Trendelenburg in the renewed founding of logic on Aristotelian principles; Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophic von Tholes Ms auf die Gegenwart (3 vols., Berlin, 1862 - '6; English translation from the 4th German ed., "History of Philosophy," by George S. Morris, with additions by President Porter of Yale college, a preface by Professors Henry B. Smith and Philip Schaff, and an appendix on Italian philosophy by Vincenzo Botta, New York, 1872-4); and a translation of Berkeley's " Principles of Human Knowledge " (in Kirchmann's Philosophische Bibliotheh, 1869), which gave rise to a controversy. - See Friedrich Ueberweg, by Prof. Fr. A. Lange of Zurich (Berlin, 1871).