Joseph Parrish Thompson, an American clergyman, born in Philadelphia, Aug. 7, 1819. He graduated at Yale college in 1838, studied theology at Andover and New Haven, and was ordained pastor of the Chapel street Congregational church, New Haven, in November, 1840. From 1845 to 1872 he was minister of the Broadway Tabernacle church in New York. While at New Haven he was one of the originators of the "New Englander," a Congregational quarterly review, and he was also one of the founders of the "Independent" newspaper. In 1852 he originated the plan of the Albany Congregationalist convention. He was also a manager of the American Congregational union, and of the American home missionary society. In 1852 he visited Palestine, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, and other oriental countries; and he has since devoted much time to oriental studies, especially Egyptology, the results of which have appeared in his contributions to the "North American Review," the "Bibliotheca Sacra," the "Journal of the American Geographical and Statistical Society," Smith's "Dictionary of Biblical Geography and Antiquities," and the revised edition of Kitto's "Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature." Harvard university conferred upon him the degree of D. D. in 1856. He now (1876) resides in Berlin. Dr. Thompson has published " Memoir of Timothy Dwight" (New Haven, 1844); " Lectures to Young; Men" (New York, 1846); "Hints to Employers" (1847); " Memoir of David Hale " (1850); " Foster on Missions, with a Preliminary Essay " (1850); " Stray Meditations " (1852; revised ed. entitled "The Believer's Refuge," 1857); "The Invaluable Possession" (1856); "Egypt, Past and Present" (Boston, 1856); "The Early Witnesses" (1857); "Memoir of Rev. David T. Stoddard" (New York, 1858); "The Christian Graces" (1859); "The College as a Religious Institution" (1859); "Love and Penalty " (1860); " Bryant Gray " (1863); " Christianity and Emancipation" (1863); "The Holy Comforter" (1866); " Man in Genesis and Geology" (1869); "Theology of Christ, from His Own Words" (1870); "Home Worship" (1871); " Church and State in the United States " (1874); and "Life of Christ" (1875).