Lord Howard Of Effingham Charles Howard, an English admiral, born in 1536, died Dec. 14, 1624. His father, William, son of Thomas, second duke of Norfolk, was lord high admiral of England and lord privy seal. The son was sent to France in 1559 to congratulate Francis II. on his accession to the throne, and served with credit on land and sea for many years. In 1585 he was appointed lord high admiral, and in 1588 succeeded in averting from the English coasts the attack of the Spanish armada. In 1596 he participated with the earl of Essex in the capture of Cadiz and the destruction of the Spanish shipping there, for which service he was created earl of Nottingham. The appointment of Essex in the succeeding year to be hereditary earl marshal, with precedence over the lord high admiral, induced Lord Howard to resign the latter office; but he subsequently resumed it, and in 1599, during the alarm at the prospect of another Spanish invasion, and of an insurrection under Essex in Ireland, was appointed by the queen lieutenant general of England. He commanded the party which captured Essex in London, and retained his office under James I. until a few years before his death, when he resigned it in favor of Buckingham, receiving in compensation a pension of £1,000, and the acquittal of a debt of £1,800 due the crown.