Lord Lyons Of Christchurch Edmund Lyons, a British admiral, born at Burton, Hants, Nov. 21, 1790, died at Arundel castle, Sussex, Nov. 23, 1858. His ancestor, Henry Lyons of Antigua, and some time of Philadelphia, married a daughter of Samuel Winthrop, grandson of John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts. As early as his eighth year he accompanied Sir Richard Bickerton on a cruise at sea, and three years later entered the yacht Royal Charlotte as a volunteer. In 1803 he received his midshipman's warrant, and for several years saw much active service in the Mediterranean. In the latter part of 1808 he went to the East Indies, was soon after appointed acting lieutenant in the brig Barracouta, and participated in several brilliant exploits. Subsequently, in the command of a flotilla of gunboats, he rendered efficient service; but he was compelled by sickness soon after to return to England, where in 1812 he was made commander, and two years later post captain. In 1S28 he was appointed to the Blonde, with which he took part in blockading Navarino, and which was the first English man-of-war that ever entered the Black sea.

After much important service, including 12 days in the trenches before the Morea castle, the last stronghold of the Turks in the Peloponnesus, he was employed, on the formation of the independent kingdom of Greece, to convey King Otho and his suite to Athens. He was knighted and appointed British minister at the new court, where he resided for 14 years. In February, 1849, he became British minister at Bern, and in 1851 at Stockholm. In October, 1853, he was appointed second in command of the fleet destined to operate in the Black sea, under Admiral Dundas, on whose retirement in December, 1854, he succeeded to the chief command. He performed many brilliant naval services, and during the siege, whenever the opportunity was afforded, he was constantly riding along the lines in front of Sebastopol, and participating in military operations. His return to England was the occasion of numerous ovations, and on June 23, 1856, he was called to the house of peers as Baron Lyons of Christchurch. - His son, Richard Bickerton Pemell, second Lord Lyons, born April 26, 1817, was envoy extraordinary to the United States from 1859 to 18(54, afterward ambassador to Turkey, and since 18G7 has been ambassador to France.