Luke Wadding, an Irish scholar, born in Waterford, Oct. 16, 1588, died in Rome, Nov. 18, 1657. He studied for six months at the Jesuit seminary of Lisbon, joined the Franciscans in 1605, and completed his education in Portugal. After taking orders he was sent to teach theology at Salamanca; and in 1618 he accompanied Antonio a Trejo, bishop of Cartagena, who went to Rome as ambassador to settle the controversy relating to the immaculate conception. He wrote the history of the embassy in a folio volume. From 1630 to 1634 he was procurator of the Franciscans at Rome, and from 1645 to 1648 vice commissary of his order. He founded in 1625 the college of St. Isidore for the education of Irish Franciscans. He was one of the councillors appointed in the case of Jansenius, whose doctrines he favored, but he retracted his Opinion as soon as they were condemned by the papal bull. His most important work is his history of the order of Franciscans, entitled Annales Ordinis Minorum (8 vols, fol., Lyons and Rome, 1647-54). He also edited a collection of the writings of Duns Scotus (12 vols, fol., Lyons, 1639), and wrote a bibliographical history of the Franciscans, Scriptores Ordinis Minorum.