(h) Cost of hand tools, not owned by the workmen, canvas and tarpaulins, consumed in the prosecution of the work, and depreciation on such tools, canvas and tarpaulins used but not consumed and which shall remain the property of the Contractor.

Article 6. Costs Not to be Reimbursed.

Reimbursement of expenses to the Contractor shall not include any of the following:

(a) Salary of the Contractor, if an individual, or salary of any member of the Contractor, if a firm, or salary of any officer of the Contractor, if a corporation.

(b) Salary of any person employed, during the execution of the work, in the main office or in any regularly established branch office of the Contractor.

(c) Overhead or general expenses of any kind, except as these may be expressly included in Article 5.

(d) Interest on capital employed either in plant or in expenditures on the work, except as may be expressly included in Article 5.




Article 7. Costs to be Paid Direct by the Owner

In addition to items of cost noted in Article 5 for which the Owner reimburses the Contractor, the Owner shall pay all costs as follows:

(a) Materials, supplies, equipment and transportation required for the proper execution of the work, which shall include all temporary structures and their maintenance; all such costs to be at rates not higher than the standard paid in the locality of the work except with prior consent of the Owner.

(b) The amounts of all separate contracts.

(c) Premiums on all bonds and insurance policies called for under Articles 19, 20, 21 and 22 of the General Conditions of the Contract.

(d) Rentals of all construction plant or parts thereof, whether rented from the Contractor or others, in accordance with rental agreements approved by the Architect. Transportation of said construction plant, costs of loading and unloading, cost of installation, dismantling and removal thereof and minor repairs and replacements during its use on the work, - all in accordance with the terms of the said rental agreements.

Article 8. Discounts, Rebates, Refunds

All discounts, rebates and refunds, and all returns from sale of surplus materials, equipment, etc., shall accrue to the Owner, and the Contractor shall make provisions so that they can be secured.

Article 9. Contractor's Financial Responsibility

Any cost due to the negligence of the Contractor or anyone directly employed by him, either for the making good of defective work, disposal of material wrongly supplied, making good of damage to property, or excess costs for material or labor, or otherwise, shall be borne by the Contractor, and the Owner may withhold money due the Contractor to cover any such cost already paid by him as part of the cost of the work.

This article supersedes the provisions of Articles 13,14 and 16 of the General Conditions of the Contract so far as they are inconsistent herewith.

Article 10. Separate Contracts

All portions of the work that the Contractor's organization has not been accustomed to perform or that the Owner may direct, shall be executed under separate contracts let by the Owner direct. In such cases either the Contractor shall ask for bids from contractors approved by the Architect and shall deliver such bids to him, or the Architect shall procure such bids himself, and in either case the Architect shall determine, with the advice of the Contractor and subject to the approval of the Owner, the award and amount of the accepted bid. The Owner shall contract for such work direct with such approved bidders in accordance with the terms of this agreement and the General Conditions of the Contract, which Conditions shall, for the purposes of such contracts, stand as printed or written and not be subject to the modifications set forth herein.

The Contractor, being fully responsible for the general management of the building operation, shall have full directing authority over the execution of the separate contracts.

The separate Contractors shall not only cooperate with each other, as provided in Article 41 of the General Conditions of the Contract, but they shall conform to all directions of the Contractor in regard to the progress of the work.

Article 11. Title to the Work

The title of all work completed and in course of construction and of all materials on account of which any payment has been made, and materials to be paid for under Article 7, shall be in the Owner.

Article 12. Accounting, Inspection, Audit

The Contractor shall check all material and labor entering into the work and shall keep such full and detailed accounts as may be necessary to proper financial management under this Agreement and the system shall be such as is satisfactory to the Architect or to an auditor appointed by the Owner. The Architect, the auditor and their timekeepers and clerks shall be afforded access to the work and to all the Contractor's books, records, correspondence, instructions, drawings, receipts, vouchers, memoranda, etc., relating to this contract, and the 'Contractor shall preserve all such records for a period of two years after the final payment hereunder.

Article 13. Applications for Payment

The Contractor shall, between the first and seventh of each month, deliver to the Architect a statement, sworn to if required, showing in detail and as completely as possible all moneys paid out by him on account of the cost of the work during the previous month for which he is to be reimbursed under Article 5 hereof, with original pay rolls for labor, checked and approved by a person satisfactory to the Architect, and all receipted bills.

He shall at the same time submit to the Architect a complete statement of all moneys properly due for materials or on account of separate contracts, or on account of his fee, or otherwise, which are to be paid direct by the Owner under Article 7 hereof.

The provisions of this Article supersede those of Article 26 of the General Conditions of the Contract.

Article 14. Certificates of Payment

The Architect shall check the Contractor's statements of moneys due, called for in Article 13, and shall promptly issue certificates to the Owner for all such as he approves, which certificates shall be payable on issuance.

The provisions of this Article supersede the first paragraph of Article 27 of the General Conditions of the Contract.

Article 15. Disbursements

Should the Contractor neglect or refuse to pay, within five days after it falls due, any bill legitimately incurred by him hereunder (and for which he is to be reimbursed under Article 5) the Owner, after giving the Contractor twenty-four hours' written notice of his intention so to do, shall have the right to pay such bill directly, in which event such payment shall not, for the purpose either of reimbursement or of calculating the Contractor's fee, be included in the cost of the work.

Article 16. Termination of Contract

(The provisions of this Article supersede all of Article 37 of the General Conditions of the Contract except the first sentence.)

If the Owner should terminate the contract under the first sentence of Article 37 of the General Conditions of the Contract, he shall reimburse the Contractor for the balance of all payments made by him under Article 5, plus a fee computed upon the cost of the work to date at the rate of percentage named in Article 4 hereof, or if the Contractor's fee be stated as a fixed sum, the Owner shall pay the Contractor such an amount as will increase the payments on account of his fee to a sum which bears the same ratio to the said fixed sum as the cost of the work at the time of termination bears to a reasonable estimated cost of the work completed, and the Owner shall also pay to the Contractor fair compensation, either by purchase or rental, at the election of the Owner, for any equipment retained. In case of such termination of the contract, the Owner shall further assume and become liable for all obligations, commitments and unliquidated claims that the Contractor may have theretofore, in good faith, undertaken or incurred in connection with said work and the Contractor shall, as a condition of receiving the payments mentioned in this Article, execute and deliver all such papers and take all such steps, including the legal assignment of his contractual rights, as the Owner may require for the purpose of fully vesting in him the rights and benefits of the Contractor under such obligations or commitments.

The Contractor and the Owner for themselves, their successors, executors, administrators and assigns hereby agree to the full performance of the covenants herein contained.

In Witness Whereof they have executed this agreement the day and year first above written.