Agreement, made.........., between..............., hereinafter called the "Landlord," and..............., of

............., hereinafter called the "Tenant," Witnesseth:

Whereas, certain of the stockholders of the Landlord have heretofore caused the said Landlord to be incorporated for the purpose of buying, maintaining and operating an apartment house in the City of New York, with the intent that each of the permanent stockholders should have the right to lease and occupy an apartment in said building so long as he should be a stockholder of said company under the terms and provisions hereinafter set forth; and

Whereas, the Landlord has purchased the apartment building known as..............., in the Borough of...........,

City, County and State of New York,

Whereas, the Landlord has purchased said premises subject to a certain first mortgage of.........., with interest at

........per cent payable semi-annually (and to be amortized as required in any renewal or extension thereof), and subject also to a second mortgage of.........., with interest at......

per cent payable semi-annually, and to be amortized at the rate of..........per annum, payable semi-annually on the

........days of........and........; and

Whereas, under the plan adopted by said Landlord certain of the stockholders of said Landlord have chosen and have been allotted by the Landlord certain apartments in said building, to be held under the general terms of this lease; and

Whereas, the Tenant is the owner of..........shares of the capital stock of said Landlord, and by allotment of the premises herein described and by acceptance by the Board of Directors of said Landlord is privileged to lease the apartment herein described;

Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and the covenants and conditions herein contained,

1. The Landlord has let and by these presents does grant, demise and let unto the Tenant and the said Tenant has agreed to hire and take, and does hereby hire and take as Tenant the following space in the apartment building of the Landlord above described, and known as..............., in said Borough of

..........and City of New York, viz.: apartment........

for the term of........beginning.. .......and expiring

.........., with the privilege to the Landlord or Tenant to renew said lease for the further term of.........., years, upon such provisions, conditions and covenants as the board of directors may determine, except that the obligation of the Tenant shall not be greater than to pay such a proposition of the net disbursements of the corporation as the percentage of capital stock of said corporation held by him bears to the total capital stock of the said corporation, to be used and occupied by the Tenant as a private apartment and not otherwise, except as the Landlord may in writing otherwise permit, and subject to such rules and regulations concerning the management, regulations and control of said building as the board of directors of the Landlord may from time to time prescribe, for a rent which shall be that proportion of the running expenses of the corporation, including amortization of the encumbrances thereon, and that proportion of such additional sums as the directors may deem advisable to build up and maintain as surplus, reserve and depreciation funds which the par value of the capital stock of the lessor corporation owned by the Tenant bears to the total authorized capital stock of the Landord, to be paid as follows:

By the annual payment of advance in equal monthly installments of $........on the first day of each and every month of the term herein granted and by the payment of such additional sums as additional rent whenever called by the board of directors, which additional sums shall be paid within........days after demand thereof has been made in writing by the Landlord; and the Tenant hereby covenants and agrees to pay as rent for the said premises $........on the first day of each and every month from the beginning of the term and such additional sums as additional rent whenever called by the board of directors, which additional sums shall be paid within.........days after demand thereof has been made in writing by the Landlord (and wherever in this lease the term rent is hereafter used, it includes such additional sums). In case of the failure by the Tenant to pay the rent above reserved or any part thereof it shall be lawful for the Landlord to recover the possession of the said leased premises, and the same to have again, repossess and enjoy.

2. If the Tenant shall default in the payment of the rent reserved hereunder or of any part thereof or if the demised premises become vacant (through summary proceedings or otherwise) or deserted, the Landlord by agents and servants may immediately or at any time thereafter recover the possession of the demised premises and remove all persons and property therefrom, either by summary dispossess proceedings or by any suitable action or proceeding at law, or by force or otherwise, without being liable to indictment, prosecution or damage therefor, but in such case the Tenant shall remain liable for the rent reserved herein, and the Landlord may at its option in any such case relet the demised premises or any part or parts thereof as the agent of the Tenant and receive the rents therefor, applying the same, first, to the payment of such expenses as the Landlord may have incurred, and then to the fulfillment of the covenants of the Tenant herein, including also the obligation to pay all the said rent, and the balance, if any, shall be paid to the Tenant who shall be liable to the Landlord for any deficit, and the Tenant shall pay the same month by month and as called for by the directors of the Landlord.

3. In addition to all the other remedies herein contained, in case of a breach by the Tenant of any of the covenants or conditions herein contained and failure on the part of the Tenant to remedy such breach within ten days after notice from the Landlord, then the Landlord at its option may serve a notice notifying the Tenant that at the expiration of twenty days this lease shall terminate, and at the expiration of said twenty days this lease shall be terminated and the term thereof shall expire and in that event there shall be no privilege nor right of renewal.