(d) Work 5 lb. silk in a mixture of 2 lb. fustic chips; 1 lb. quercitron bark; lift; then add 6 oz. verdigris, 6 oz. copperas; work for quarter of an hour, and hang up all night; wash and dye with a decoction of 5 lb. logwood with as much white as will make a lather.

Blue, Pale

For 100 yards. 3 oz. paste or extract of indigo; 6 oz. tartaric acid. Sour first in a hot solution of sulphuric acid (about 1 1/2 gill), lift, and wash in 1 water. Prepare the paste and dissolve the acid in a little hot water; then take a copper or stoneware vessel of sufficient size, fill it nearly full of water, 110° F.; put it in the paste, and 5 parts of the tartaric acid; winch in this 15 minutes; lift; wash in cold water; harden with the part of tartaric not used; lift, and dry.

In dyeing printed silks, containing black or any colour you wish to retain, they must not be soured in dyeing, and use as little raising as possible. To prepare extract of indigo. - Every particle must be well broken with a palette knife, or the back of a tablespoon, after which pour on a little boiling water; stir it up and let it settle for a little before using.

Blue, Royal

Prepare in a solution of nitrate of iron, 3° Tw., 100° F.; and for every pound of prussiate used in dyeing, add as much of the crystals of tin (dissolved in hot water) to the preparation; work in this till the silk turns a light buff colour; lift, and wash in 1 water; after which, for 100 yards, dissolve 4 lb. prussiate of potash in a little boiling water; put this into a copper containing 80 gallons water, 120° F.; add 1 1/2 gill sulphuric or muriatic acid; enter in this; winch 15 minutes; lift; 1 water; run again through the preparation; add 2 gills sulphuric acid to the prussiate; repeat in it, and if not dark enough, lift, and add a little nitrate of iron; after getting it to the required shade, give 2 waters; then harden in a solution of alum; and dry in a hot stove.

Brown, Cinnamon

For 100 yards. Boil 12 lb. fustic, 3 lb. ground madder, 2 lb. barwood. Cool to 200°; F., then enter, and winch 20 minutes; air out, and repeat; with a little of the liquor in another dish, sadden to pattern with 4 or 5 oz. copperas, 1 or 2 shots; wash in 2 waters, and dry.

Brown, French

Prepare in a hot solution of alum, for 10 or 12 hours; lift, and wash in 2 waters; boil or scald. For 10 yards. Limawood, 1 lb.; ground fustic, 4f oz. Decant the clear of both liquors into another dish; enter, and winch for 30 minutes; air out, and repeat; if dark enough, wash in 2 waters, and dry. Common brown is done in this way by adding a little logwood.

In preparing this colour, a little copperas is sometimes used along with the alum; when done in this manner, raise slightly with muriate of tin.

Brown, Olive

For 10 yards. Boil fustic, 1 lb.; logwood, 3 1/4 oz.; cudbear, 2 1/2 oz. Cool to 200° F.; enter, and winch for 20 minutes; air out; repeat; sadden to pattern with 4 oz. copperas; wash and dry.


For 100 yards. Boil 4 lb. fustic and 6 oz. logwood; 2 1/2 oz. cudbear; 1 3/4 oz. copperas. Cool to 200° F.; enter; winch 20 minutes; air out; repeat; then take a little of the liquor out of the boiler, dissolve the copperas, reduce it to handling heat with water, and give 1 or 2 shots through it as the pattern requires; 1 water out of the saddening; then give a warm, but weak sour, to clear the colour; wash in 2 waters, and dry.

Before using cudbear, it must always be drenched with a little hot water, to the consistency of paste; then scald or boil it as occasion may require.


For 10 yards. Fustic, 6 1/2 oz.; cudbear, 1/2 oz.; copperas, 1 1/2 drachm. Use as for Drab.

Green, Common Pale

For 11 yards. Extract of indigo, 2 oz.; ebony, 1 3/4 oz.; alum, 1 3/4 oz.; sulphuric acid, 1 1/4 oz. Work as for Pea Green.

Green, Grass

For 10 yards. Fustic, 12 oz.; extract of indigo, 3 oz. 3 dr.; alum, 3 oz. 3 dr.; sulphuric acid, 1 1/2 oz. Boil the fustic first; then add the extract of indigo, alum, and acid; put off the boil; enter and winch till you get the shade required; if not blue enough, give more extract of indigo; if not yellow enough, more fustic.

Green, Myrtle

For 10 yards. Fustic, 1 lb.; logwood, 3 oz. 3 dr.; extract of indigo, 3 oz. 3 dr.; blue-stone, 1/2 oz. Boil the logwood and fustic together; put off the boil; enter; winch 20 minutes; air out and repeat; raise with 3 oz. bluestone dissolved in the boiler; then give the extract of indigo; 1 water; rinse in the remaining 2 oz. bluestone; harden in a solution of alum, and dry.

Green, Olive

For 100 yards. 10 lb, fustic, 2 lb. logwood, 10 oz. camwood. Boil altogether for 30 minutes, put off the boil; enter and winch for 20 minutes; air out and repeat: sadden with 3 or 4 oz. copperas in the same liquor, or with a little of the liquor in another dish; when the required shade is got, wash and dry.

Green, Pea

For 100 yards. 10 oz. extract of indigo, 2 1/2 lb. ebony, 1 lb. alum. Sour first; wash in 1 water; boil or scald the ebony; decant the clear into another dish, and add the extract of indigo and alum; enter in this, and winch for 10 or 15 minutes; wash in 1 water.


Same as lilac, by adding a little neutralised extract of indigo. Break 4 oz. of extract of indigo; dilute it with 2 quarts of hot water, and add half an ounce of soda, to destroy or neutralise whatever acid the extract contains; after stirring it well up, let it stand for two days, then strain it for use. Silver grey gets less stuff than lavender.


The best lilac is dyed upon nitro-sulphate of iron spirits; when without these, the following is the simplest method: - 10 gallons water, 1 pint purple vat. Add raw muriatic acid till the glass stands at 6°Tw.; enter in this, and work till you get the required shade; if too light, add more purple liquor, wash in 2 warm waters, and dry.