Formula I

Many formulas are existing. It is made of the respective oils of the drugs or prepared directly from the latter, which furnishes a more valuable product than if prepared from the usually adulterated oils. The bitter principle in this formula is derived from the essential wormwood oil or the wormwood itself, better directly derived from the latter. Take wormwood, 8 ounces; juniper berries, 4 ounces; cinnamon, 1 ounce; coriander, 1 ounce; ginger root, 1 ounce; nutmeg, one half ounce; peels of bitter orange, one half ounce.

Bruise and slice the ingredients, macerate in 10 pints of diluted alcohol for a week, then press and filter.

Many variations can be made by using the wormwood and bitter orange peel, calisaya bark, wild cherry bark, calamus root, quassia, gentian root, and employing different other drugs, such as lemon peel, peppermint, etc., or the respective oils, essences or tinctures.

Formula II

This essence is prepared from the oils: Oil of calamus, 1 ounce; oil of orange, 1 ounce; oil of wormwood, 1 fluid drachm; oil of anise, 1 fluid drachm; oil of cloves, 2 fluid drachms; oil of cinnamon, 2 fluid drachms. Mix, cut these oils as generally directed with pumice, etc., dissolve in 22 ounces of alcohol of 95 per cent., and dilute with 22 fluid ounces of water to obtain 44 fluid ounces of essences. Clarify and filter.