Tea And Coffee Cans

To preserve the strength of tea or coffee requires a close receptacle. Nothing is bet ter than the tin cans with close covers, japanned on the outside surface, kept for sale for this purpose, They are made neatly labeled on the side for "tea" or "coffee," so that there is no mistaking the one for the other, and no loss of time in getting what is wanted.

Oil Stoves

Where gas is not in use, some one of the many kinds of oil stoves may be used for cooking to advantage, in hot weather especially, when the family is small. The use of those which use gasoline, and the lighter products of petroleum, usually increases the rate of insurance, and is too dangerous to be trusted to any but the most careful and experienced persons.

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Artificial Stone Griddle

- This is a new article for the kitchen, is light and durable, and, it is claimed, does away entirely with grease and smoke in making the breakfast pancakes. Soap-stone griddles are often used, but this is a much cheaper and equally as good a substitute.

Cork Pulls

- The cut represents an invention that is useful for pulling corks from bottles, for holding dish-cloth in hot water, and for holding cloth used in cleaning lamp chimneys. For the latter purpose it is excellent.

The American Broiler

This popular broiler has been before the public for many years, and has done more to banisn the health-destroying frying pan from the kitchen than any of its later rivals. It will always be a favorite.

Fancy Wood Table Mats

- There are three sizes of table mats, made of stripes of light and dark wood, alternating, and fastened to strong felt cloth. When not in use they may be rolled up into a very small compass. The wood is very highly polished, and the effect is very pretty. They are very cheap, durable, and decidedly ornamental.

Vegetable Tongs

- This is a very handy kitchen implement for turning meats or taking vegetables out of the oven or the kettle. They are very neat and durable, and cheap withal.

Salt Dishes

- The "star salts" are now very generally used on account of their convenience and utility. In the bottle, which has a perforated top like a pepper-box, is a pulverizer which keeps the salt loose, and insures its free delivery. When it is not necessary to measure the quantity, they are always ready, and insure a good distribution of the salt.

Universal Dough Mixer And Kneader

- There are several contrivances in market which claim to lighten the hard labor of mixing and kneading dough in bread-making. The inventors of "The Universal" claim that it will produce as fine bread in eight minutes as can be made by half an hour's labor with the hands.