Indian Tapioca Pudding

4 tablespoonfuls pearl tapioca

4 tablespoonfuls home-ground cornmeal

2/3 cupful Barbadoes molasses

1/2 cupful sugar

2 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine 5 cupfuls milk 2 teaspoonfuls salt 1/2 cupful chopped candied ginger (optional)

Cover the tapioca with warm water, and let it soak an hour; scald the milk, add the tapioca, and cook for fifteen minutes. Mix together the remaining ingredients, stir into the tapioca mixture and cook over hot water, till thickened and the mixture is beginning to separate. Turn into a buttered baking dish, and bake for three hours in a slow oven. Always add an extra cupful of cold milk at the end of two hours.

Tapioca Cream

1/2 cupful pearl, or i cupful quick cooking tapioca 2 eggs 2/3 cupful sugar

1/4 teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful vanilla 1 1/2 cupfuls scalded milk

Soak the tapioca an hour in cold water to cover. Drain and cook in a cupful of boiling water in a double boiler until transparent, stirring frequently. Then add the milk, and pour the mixture gradually onto the egg yolks and sugar, beaten together. Return to the double boiler and cook until it thickens, or coats the spoon. Remove from the heat, and pour onto the egg whites, beaten stiff. Chill, add salt and flavoring. A half cupful of quartered dates may be added if desired. All milk may be used instead of part water.

Chocolate Tapioca

3 cupfuls milk I cupful water 3/4 cupful sugar

4 tablespoonfuls powdered cocoa

1/8 teaspoonful salt 1/2 teaspoonful vanilla 1 scant cupful quick cooking tapioca

Heat the milk and water together and add the tapioca. Stir in the cocoa, sugar and salt well-mixed, and cook the mixture until the tapioca is translucent. Chill and serve with light cream.

Moulded Coffee Tapioca

4 cupfuls boiling coffee

3/4 cupful sugar

1 scant cupful quick cooking tapioca Few grains salt

1/2 teaspoonful vanilla

1/2 cupful broken English walnuts, hickory nuts or black walnut meats

Dissolve the sugar and salt in the coffee, add the tapioca, and cook gently until it is translucent. Stir in the nuts. Add the vanilla, chill and serve with light or whipped cream.

Fruit Loaves And "Bettys"

Brown Betty

3 cupfuls tart apples, chopped fine 3 cupfuls soft bread crumbs

Light brown sugar

Ground cloves and cinnamon

Butter or oleomargarine

Butter a baking dish or casserole; put in a layer of apples, sprinkle with the sugar, mixed with the spice, and cover with crumbs. Repeat until all is used, and make the last layer of "crumbs, dotting well with butter and sprinkling with the sugar mixture. Cover and bake forty-five minutes in a hot oven, then remove the lid and brown quickly. Serve half warm, with cream, or hard, or lemon sauce.

Cherry Betty

2 cupfuls stoned cherries, chopped 4 cupfuls soft bread crumbs, or stale cake crumbs

1/2 cupful sugar 1 teaspoonful cinnamon 4 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine

Butter a baking dish and put a layer of cherries in the bottom; sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon mixed, dot with butter, put in crumbs and repeat until the dish is filled, making the last layer buttered crumbs. Bake covered in a moderate oven for forty minutes. Then uncover and let brown, and serve with hard, fruit or a lemon sauce.

Fruit And Bread Loaves

. Butter a smooth bowl, and fill it with alternating layers of crumbled buttered white or entire wheat bread, and hot, sweetened fruit with juice. Let stand several hours to chill. Unmould and serve with cream and sugar or rich milk, or extra fruit juice, or crushed and sweetened fruit. Rhubarb, pineapple, cherries, blackberries and blueberries may all be used.

Pineapple Bread Charlotte

Butter bread and slice it thin. Arrange in layers in a well-buttered baking dish, with finely-shredded canned pineapple and juice which has been heated to boiling point and made very sweet, and to which has been added a dash of lemon juice.

Make the last layer bread, and sift powdered sugar thickly over it. Bake about thirty minutes in a moderate oven. It may be necessary to cover it while baking lest the top become too brown. Half cool and serve in slices. Lady fingers or stale sponge cake may be substituted for the bread if desired; in this case the pineapple should not be made so sweet.