The Cahin and Parlor; or, Slaves and Masters. A true history of "NORTH AND SOUTH." By J. Thornton Randolph. This book is fully equal in point of interest to "Uncle Tom's Cabin." 336 pages. Beautifully illustrated from original designs drawn by Stephens. Price Fifty cents in paper covers; or a finer edition, printed on thicker and better paper, and handsomely bound in muslin, gilt, is published for One Dollar.

Life in the South. A companion to "Uncle Tom's Cabin." By C. H. Wiley. Beautifully illustrated from original designs by Darley. Price Fifty cents.

Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist. By Henry Cockton. 317 pages. Price 50 cts.

Sketches In Ireland. By William M. Thackeray, author of "Vanity Fair," "History of Pendennis," etc. It is equal in every respect to "Vanity Fair." Price 50 cts.

The Parricide; or the Youth's Career in Crime. By Q. W. M. Reynolds. Illustrated. Price 50 cents.

Ten Thousand a Year. By the author of a "Diary of a London Physician." 432 pages. Price 50 cents.

First and True Love. A True Love Story. By George Sand, author of "Con-suelo," "Indiana," etc. It is one of the most charming and interesting works ever published. Full of Engravings. Price 50 cents.

Cruising in the Last War. A Naval Story of the War of 1812. First and Second Series. Being the complete work, unabridged. By Charles J. Peterson. 228 octavo pages. Price 50 cents.

The Mob Cap: and Other Tales. By Mrs. Carolne Lee Hentz, author of "Linda," "Rena," etc. Price 50 cents.

Life in Paris. By G. W. M. Reynolds, author of "Life in London," etc. Full of Engravings. Price 50 cents.

Thc Forged Will. By Emerson Bennett, author of "Viola," "Clam Morelaivl." "Bride of the Wilderness," "Pioneer's Daughter," " Kate Clarendon," "Walde-Warren," etc. This celebrated and beautiiful work is published complete in one large volume, of over 300 pages, paper cover, price 50 cents; or the work is handsomely bound in one volume, cloth, gilt, price $1 00. One hundred thousand copies of the Forged Will will be sold in a short time, and it will have a run and popularity second only to Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Press everywhere are unanimous in its praise, as being one of the most powerful written works in the language.

The Roman Traitor; or, The Days of Cataline and Cicero.

By Henry William Herbert, author of "Cromwell," "The Brothers,' etc. This is one of the most powerful Roman stories in the English language, and is of itself sufficient to stamp the writer as a powerful man. The dark intrigues of the days which Caesar, Sallust, and Cicero made illustrious; when Cataline defied and almost defeated the Senate; when the plots which ultimately overthrew the Roman Republic were being formed, are described in a masterly manner. The book deserves a prominent position by the side of the great Bellum Gitalinarium of Sallust, and if we mistake not, will not fail to occupy a prominent place among those produced in America. This splendid work is published complete in two large volumes, of over 250 pages each, paper cover, price 50 cents a volume, or the whole work is handsomely bound in one volume, cloth, price One Dollar and Twenty-five cents.

Countess de Charny; or, The Fall of the French Monarchy. -

By Alexander Dumas. This work is the final conclusion of the " Memoirs of a Physician," "The Queen's Necklace," and "Six Years Later, or Taking of the Bastile." All persons who have not read Dumas in this, his greatest and most instructive production, should begin at once, and no pleasure will be found so agreeable, and nothing in novel form so useful and absorbing. Complete in two volumes, beautifully illustrated. Price $1 00.

Wild Oats sown Abroad; or, On and Off Soundings. By a gentleman of leisure. It is the Private Journal of a Gentleman of Leisure and Education, and of a highly cultivated mind, in making the tour of Europe. Whoever buys the book and reads the opening chapter, we venture to say, would not part with it for ten times its cost," if he could not procure another. It is having a sale unprecedented in the annals of literature, for nothing equal to it in spiciness, vivacity, and real scenes and observations in daily travel, has ever appeared from the press. Complete in one volume, price 50 cents in paper cover, or 75 cents in cloth, gilt.

Percy Effingham. By Henry Cockton, author of "Valentine Vox, the Ventriloquist," complete in one large octavo volume, price 50 cents.

American Pocket Library of Useful Knowledge, New and enlarged edition, with numerous engravings. Twenty thousand copies sold. Price 50 cents a copy only. We have never seen a volume embracing anything like the same quantity of useful matter. The work is really a treasure, and should speedily find its way into every family. It also contains a large and entirely new Map of the United States, with full page Portraits of the Presidents of the United States, from Washington until the present time, executed in the finest style of the art.

Life and Adventures of Arthur Spring, the murderer of Mrs. Ellen Lynch and Mrs. Honora Shaw, with a complete history of his life and misdeeds, from the time of his birth until he was hung, illustrated with portraits. Price 25 cents.

Cadet of Temperance; being a complete collection of Dialogues, Scenes, Recitations, Songs, Odes, etc., designed for the use of Sections in their public and private exhibitions. By James Knorr. Every child in the country should have it. Price 25 cents a copy in paper cover, or 37 1/2 cents in cloth, gilt.

Henry Clay. Nagle's Correct, full-length, Mezzotinto Portrait and only true likeness ever published of the distinguished Statesman. Engraved by Sartain. Price $1 00 a copy only. Size, 22 by 30 inches. Originally sold at $5 00 a copy.

The Miser's Heir; or The Young Millionaire. A story of a Guardian and his Ward. A Prize Novel. By P. H. Myers, author of the " Emigrant Squire." Price 50 cents in paper cover, or 75 cents in cloth, gilt.

Siege of Londonderry. A History of the Siege of Londonderry, and defence of Enniskillen, in 1688 and 1689, by the Rev. John Graham. Price 37 cents.

Rev. Albert Barnes on the Maine Liquor Law. The Throne of Iniquity; or sustaining Evil by Law. A discourse in behalf of a law prohibiting the traffic in intoxicating drinks. Price 12 1/2 cents.

Woman. Discourse on Woman. Her sphere, duties, etc. By Lucretia Mott. Price 12 1/2 cents.

Victims of Amusements, by Martha Clark, and dedicated by the author to the Sabbath Schools of the land. One volume, cloth, gilt. Price 37 1/2 cents.

Euchre. The Game of Euchre and its Laws. By a member of a Euchre Club of Philadelphia of Thirty Years standing. Price 12 1/2 cents.

Salathiel; or the Wandering Jew. By Rev. George Croly. Price 50 cts.

Llorente's History of the Inquisition in Spain. Only edition published in this Country. Price Fifty cents: or handsomely bound in muslim, gilt, Seventy-five cents.

Dr. Hollick's Anatomy and Physiology, with a large dissected plate of the Human Figure, colored to Life. By the celebrated Dr. Hollick, author of "The True Art of Healing the Sick," "Origin of Life," etc. Price One Dollar.

Mysteries of Three Cities. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, By A. J. H. Duganne. 200 pages. Price 50 cents.

Red Indians of Newfoundland. A beautifully illustrated Indian Story, by the author of " Prairie Bird." Price 50 cents.

Harris's Adventures in Africa. This book is & rich treat. Two volumes.

Price $1 00, or handsomely bound, $1 50.

Indiana. By George Sand, author of "First and True Love," etc. A very bewitching and interesting work. 258 pages. Price 50 cents.

The Petrel; or Love on the Ocean. A sea novel equal to the best, by Admiral Fisher. 200 pages. Price 50 cents.

Aristocracy, or Life among the Upper Ten. A true novel of fashionable life. By J. A. Nunes, Esq. Price 50 cents.

Mormonism Exposed. Full of Engravings, and Portraits of the Twelve Apos-ties. Price 12% cents.

Genevra: or the History of a Portrait. By Miss Fairfield, one of the best Writers in America. 200 pages. Price 50 cents.

Illustrated Life and Adventures of Don Quixotte de La Mancha, and his Squire Sancho Panza, revised and corrected, with all the original notes. 300 pages. Price 50 cents; or handsomely bound, One Dollar.

Yankee Yarns and Yankee Letters. By Sam Slick, alias Judge Hali-burton. Price 50 cents.

"Wild Sports in the West. By W. H. Maxwell, author of "Dark Lady of Doona." Price 50 cents.

The Romish Confessional. By M. Michelet. 300 pages. Price 50 cents. Dr. Berg's Answer to Archbishop Hughes. Price 12 1/2 cents. Dr. Berg's Lecture on the Jesuits. Price 12 1/2 cents.

Flirtations in America; or High Life in New York. A capital book. 285 pages. Price 50 cents.

The Lady's Work Table Book. Illustrated. A work every Lady should possess. Price 50 cents, in paper; or beautifully bound in crimson gilt, for 75 cents.

The Coquette. One of the best books ever written. One volume, octavo, over 200 pages Price 50 cents.

Odd Fellowship Exposed. With all the Signs, Grips, Pass-words, etc. Illust-strated. Price 12 1/2 cents.

The Life and Death of the Rev. John N. Maffit; with his Portrait. Price 12 1/2 cents.

The Necromancer. A Romance of the times of Henry the Eighth. By G. W. M. Reynolds. Two volumes. Price Seventy-five cents.

Pietorial Life and Adventures of Davy Crockett. Written by himself. Embellished with spirited and beautiful illustrations. Price 50 cents.

Ugly Effie; or, the Neglected One, and Pet Beauty, and other Tales. By Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz, author of "Mob Cap," etc. Price 50 cents.

The Emigrant Squire. By the author of "Bell Brandon." This has just been completed in the Dollar Newspaper, where it has been very popular. Price 25 cents. Clara Moreland; or, Adventures in the Far South West. By >Emerson Bennett, author of " Prairie Flower," "Viola," etc. This has been appearing in the columns of the Saturday Evening Post for the last twelve weeks, where it has proved to be one of the most popular and powerful nouvellettes ever written in America. 336 pages. Pries 50 cents in paper cover, or $1 in cloth, gilt, illustrated.