Household Hints

How To Escape From A Burning House

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be in a house on fire, apply a wet cloth to the mouth and nostrils; you can get through the dense smoke easily. If possible, cover the whole head and face. Chief.

How To Remove Putty From Old Windows

Window sashes are often cut and broken in trying to remove old putty. Apply a hot iron to the putty, which will then yield to the knife and leave the sash clean. F. Wolhirt.

How To Keep The Lamp Chimneys Clean

After the lamps are filled and the chimneys washed and put on the shelf, take pieces of newspaper and roll in the form of a cornucopia and slip over chimney and lamp; it will protect from dust and flies, and when the lamps are lighted one will be rewarded by finding them as clear and bright as when first put in order. Neatness.

How To Clean Vinegar Cruets

Shake crushed eggshells and little water vigorously in a vinegar cruet and it will remove that cloudy look which the bottle often takes on. J.

How To Crystallize Grasses

Take one and one-half pounds of rock alum, pour on three pints of boiling water; when quite cool put into a wide-mouthed vessel. Hang in the grasses, a few at a time. Do not let them get too heavy, or the stems will not support them. Again heat the alum and add more grasses. By adding a little coloring it will give variety. Lottie May.

How To Make Sweeping Caps

Any girl who values a clean head with bright hair, will cover it up while sweeping; coquettish little sweeping caps may be made by cutting a piece of bright pink, blue or gray cambric in a circular shape, and making a shirr within two inches of the edge (which should be hemmed) and running in an elastic or a piece of narrow tape, with which it can be drawn up to fit the head. Mrs. Hoy.

Avoid Metal Utensils

Always be careful to use earthenware dishes for putting away gravies, soups, etc. Persons have been poisoned by carelessness in using for such purposes metal vessels, which contained verdigris caused by the action upon the metal of vegetable acids. J. N. H.

How To Grease A Griddle

The nicest way to grease a griddle is to use a large piece of beef suet tied in a thin cloth. Economy.

A Deodorizer

A piece of red pepper the size of a ten-cent piece put with meat or vegetables when first beginning to cook, will kill the unpleasant odor arising. This is particularly desirable with cabbage, green or white beans, onions, chickens and mutton. Chilly.

Papering Walls

Paper may be made to adhere to whitewashed walls by washing them with vinegar. When dry, the paper will stick. Mechanic.

The Varied Uses Of Lemon

Every toilet table should be liberally supplied with lemons. Their uses are so varied and so valuable that no one can overlook them. Among them is the fact that a teaspoonful of lemon juice in a cupful of black coffee will drive away the headache. But if, on rising, the juice of one-half of a lemon be squeezed into a cupful of very hot water and drank with no sugar there will be no headache to drive away. A slice of lemon rubbed on the temples and back of the neck will also cure the headache. A solution of lemon juice should always be at hand. A little rubbed on the skin at night will whiten and soften its texture. A paste made of magnesia and lemon juice will bleach the face and hands when applied to them. A fine manicure acid is made from a teaspoonful of lemon juice in a cupful of warm soft water. It will whiten discolored and stained finger nails. Lemon juice in water will loosen the tartar that accumulates on the teeth. It makes the breath sweet. A slice of lemon rubbed over tan shoes which are then wiped off with a soft cloth will remove black stains from their surface. Bessie Hill Porter.

For The Toilet Table

A nice hair pin receiver may be made from a round collar or cuff box. The cover is not used. Cover the bottom and sides neatly with some merino or anything convenient, the color of the worsted to be used, scarlet being the most serviceable. Crochet in split zephyr, a strip to cover the sides and sew it on. Fill the box with black curled hair, such as upholsterers use. Crochet a circular piece for the top in the open-stitch, finished with shells, tacking it on the covered edge of the box just inside the shells. It is not a thing of beauty but is so convenient and easily made that it becomes quite necessary. Mrs. Olive Green.

The Orchid Fad

If there is anything new in toilet preparations the distinction belongs to the orchid. It may be a surprise to many to be told that that weird flower has a scent but there is no doubt about the article of commerce. Dealers charge $2 and $3 a bottle for four ounces of orchid extracts. The odor is delicate, pleasing and lasting. There is orchid powder and cream for the face, orchid paste for the hands and orchid vinegar for the bath. The powders are made in pink, cream, mauve and aster tints.