Preserved ginger root, a sort of candy; especially valuable in fruit ice-creams, ginger-ice, tutti-frutti, choice small cakes, steamed puddings and wherever citron is used. It has an agreeable pungency. It comes principally from Chyloong's factory in Canton; costs here from 30 to 40c. per pound. " Old Chyloong shows with pride how the root is brought to him and put through all the processes. It is scraped, soaked in water for five days, picked with forks, boiled in water, soaked for two days in rice-flour water, boiled again, spaked in lime water, boiled some more and finally boiled with its equal weight of brown sugar and put up in the round ginger jars sacred to high art, young ladies and the Dusantes mantlepiece. The dried ginger goes through all these processes, and is then dried in the sun. The mixed Cantonese preserves, containing bits of citron, sugar-cane, melon rinds, cum-quats and persimmons, are made at the same place, and Chyloong is a purveyor as widely known to the civilized world as Crosse & Blackwell, and no doubt a millionaire".