Fruit stewed down with sugar; applied to mashed fruit. The fruit stewed down without breaking up the shape is called preserves. All fruits are reduced to jam except the orange which has a name to itself; orange jam is called marmalade.

Jam Tartlets

(/)-Patty pans lined with puff-paste, a spoonful of jam in each; baked. (2-)Patty cases or vol au vents, cut out of puff-paste with a .center to be taken out and the vacancy filled with jam after baking.

Jam Roly Poly

A pudding made of a sheet of short paste or biscuit-dough spread over with jam, rolled up long, steamed or boiled in a cloth.

Imitation Jam

"Recently there apparcd a cutting from an American paper explaining what a certain American firm understood by blackberry jam! There is a company here that runs them close in the matter of sharpness. You know that moss or dried grass, with which Chinese exporters pack up their fragile wares. It is glutinous when boiled, and costs nothing. Your Chinese importer will give it to you if you will cart it off his premises. Add glucose, flavoring essence, and little dye, and there you are, with first-rate raspberry jam; prime cost, one centime a pot, to be retailed at sixpence a pound".

Some Genuine Jam

The scarcity of raspberries in the fruiterers' shops and on the huckster's barrows is accounted for by the insatiable demand of the jam manufacturers, who buy all they can get of this delicious fruit. In the Borough market recently Messrs-----------of Stratford, took a "parcel" of 20 tons at $95 per ton.