Dinner for about 200 railroad passengers snow-bound on a train in the far West; dinner given free by the railroad compat.y at the next station reached. Made a western hotel dinner, but greater part ready set on two long tables.

Cooked and used:

Fresh meats, 100 pounds (raw weight).

Ham, 20 pounds. .

Chickens, 40 pounds.

Clams in baked chowder, 12 cans.

Oysters in soup, 20 cans.

Lobster in salad, 8 cans.

Potatoes, 75 pounds.

Pies, 48.

Tarts, various, 150

Cake, 28 pounds.

Pudding, 4 quarts.

Charlotte ru6se, 12 quarts, in 15 moulds on tables.

Jelly, 13 quarts, in 18 moulds on tables.

Bread, and various vegetables, not counted.

Coffee, about 15 gallons.