"To be as cheap as possible," to raise money to pay the pastor. Committee furnished the raw material only; the hotel-keeper gave everything else, use of rooms, fire, lights, cooking and incidental labor.

The raw material cost the church committee about $15. Prices were higher then than now. Had about 100 persons to supper, which was made up of:

Ham sandwiches, 7 1/2 pounds, of which 5 pounds was ham, net trimmed, which is equal to a 9-pound ham raw.

Pressed corned beef, sliced on dishes, decorated, 4 pounds.

Yeast-raised short biscuits, 100.

Bread, 6 loaves, sliced.

Fancy small pastries, showy, cheap, 100.

Cream puffs, 120.

Lemon jelly, 3 quarts.

Macaroons and kisses, made of 3 pounds sugar, 1 pound almonds.

Cakes, about 9 pounds.

Coffee, used 4 pounds Java.

Tea, used 4 ounces.

Cream for coffee, 2 quarts.

There was no ice cream.

The cost of material was about 15 cents per head. About 12 pounds butter was used, some upon the table, rest in cakes, etc., and 15 pounds sugar, and a gallon of milk, some citron and lemons.