For 26 persons, both ladies and gentlemen, the material cost about $60, of which $20 was for terrapin. Flowers and florists services about $40; catering about $40; and with the hire of ten different sets and patterns of china and other incidentals the total cost to the giver of the party was something over $200, without the wines, or, making a round estimate to include wine, say $10 per plate. The caterer was instructed on various points and, among others, not to give them a clear soup - " they were so tired of clear soups".

A table was handsomely set in the club drawing-room for this special occasion, not to disturb the regular daily arrangements of the club; a florist being employed to decorate it with designs and bouquets and to festoon the chandeliers. Several tall decorated dishes and ornamental cakes were set on table amidst the green.

First. Passed around pony glasses of whisky cocktail.

Second. Cream of cauliflower soup - cauliflower (from a distance) and soup cost about $1.25.

Third. Deviled oysters in shell, cost with garnishing about $2.50.

Fourth. Celery, imported, $2.50.

Fifth. Turkey stuffed with chestnuts, 1 turkey $1 40, with vegetables, jelly and trimmings whole cost $3.75.

Sixth. Brains sautes in butter, with vegetables, garnishing, etc., cost $4.35.

Seventh. Terrapin with wine and gar-nishings, $21.40.

Eighth. Curacoa punch, $1.60.

Ninth. Roast quail, $4 30, bardes, chips, endive salad, garnish, etc., whole cost, $6.20.

Tenth. Ornamental pieces (galantine of partridges flanked with larks in aspic), cost of material, $5.10.

Eleventh. Harlequin ice cream and moulded jellies in ornamental borders filled with maraschino whipped cream, cost $3.60.

Twelfth. Assorted fruit, $3 50.

Thirteenth. Coffee, cream, incidentals, about 75 cents.

Wines, etc., from the club cellars.