Had 2 small turkey gal ntines; one sliced on plates, other decorated in a mould of aspic on table and about half used.

Chicken salad of 4 chickens and 1 doz. heads of celery and one quart of dressing, all used.

Charlotte russe, had 50 individual size in ornamental while paper cases; cake portion made with a 3-pound sponge cake mixture, that is, with 3 pounds sugar, 2 doz. eggs and 2% flour; filling with 3 quarts whipped cream stiffened with 1 package gelatine, 1 pound sugar.

Meringue shells filled with jelly; had 50 pairs, size of ducks' eggs, baked on boards, scooped out, filled like saucers in pairs, with 2 colors of jelly cut in cubes and mixed - had 3 quarts jelly, part maraschino, remainder port wine.

White cakes and layer cakes decorated, on table.

Bisque of preserved ginger ice cream; had 8 quarts.

Lemonade. Biscuits. Candies. Malaga Grapes.

Quantities about right; a little of each left over, but not more than was wanted.