Number One

Nut Bouillon Royal Paste Croutons

Ripe Olives

Trumese Pie Celery in Tomato

Graham Crisps

Apple and Pineapple Salad Cream Dressing-White Sticks

White Fruit Cake (no icing, almonds on top)

Cereal Coffee

Number Two

Milk Stew of Oyster Plant

Soup Crackers Celery

Timbale of Trumese-Boundary Castle (fresh mushroom) Sauce Cauliflower-Sauce Americaine Beaten Biscuit

Mint Grape Fruit Salad or Orange Mint Salad

White Sticks

Ice Cream (unflavored) Cocoanut Jumbles

Number Three

Oyster Plant or Asparagus a la Crane

Rolled Bread and Butter Sandwiches

Blanched Almonds, dried

Trumese and Celery Salad on Swedish Milk Biscuit with lettuce leaf Whole Wheat Gems-Butter

Cocoanut Cream Pie-Granella Crust Mince Pie-Pastry Crust

Number Four

Nut Chowder---Sticks

Helianthus (Sunflower) Mayonnaise

Cucumber or Celery or Onion Sandwiches

Pineapple Gelatine---Whipped Cream Cocoanut Crisps

Confection Potatoes Mixed Nuts

Number Five

Cream of Tomato or Spinach Broth Soup Sticks

Trumese and Mushrooms a la Creme Wafers

Scalloped Oyster Plant Celery

English Bread and Butter

Currant and Red Raspberry Salad Almonds or Walnuts

Rice Charlotte---Whipped Cream Roses Small Cakes Cereal Coffee

Number Six

Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup Finger Rolls (of roll or universal dough)

Claudia's Stuffed Egg Plant Whole Wheat Popovers

Nut Croquettes Baked Creamed Tomato Crisp Bread

Grape Fruit and Celery Salad (in grape fruit cups)

Crackers with Nuts

Rose Ice Cream Hard Sponge Cakes

Celery Tea-Cream