Where's the cook? Is supper ready, the house trimmed, rushes strewed, cobwebs swept?


Breakfast Menus

Sliced Pineapple Boiled Rice

Hashed Browned Potatoes

Whole Wheat Gems


Oranges Hominy

Baked Bananas

Potato Cakes Cereal Coffee

Toasted White Bread

Fresh Strawberries Baked Mush Maple Syrup

Minced Potato

Graham Hurry-Ups

Cereal Coffee

Grape Fruit Toasted Rice Flakes

Fried Mush

Currant Gems


Malaga Grapes Shredded Wheat Biscuits

Fried Tomatoes

Corn Cake


Bananas Cream of Wheat

Fried Bread with Cheese

Corn Gems

Hot Malted Milk

Oranges Bran Mush

Mushrooms in Cream

Parker House Rolls


Baked Sweet Apples

Toasted Corn Flakes

Cream Toast

Grape Juice

Apples Pearl Barley

Sliced Potatoes in Cream

Whole Wheat Bread

Cereal Coffee

Grape Fruit Rolled Oats

Potato and Onion Hash

Rice Muffins


Grape Fruit Mush

Baking Powder Biscuit


Cereal Coffee

Oranges Farina

Creamed Potatoes

Corn Muffins

Cereal Coffee

Cereal with Stewed Figs

Cheese Souffle

Entire Wheat Muffins

Cereal Coffee or Cocoa

Baked Bananas Uncooked Cereal

Lyonnaise Potatoes

Buckwheat Cakes and Syrup

Cereal Coffee or Cocoa

Coddled Apples Cereal with Cream

Boiled Fondue

Whole Wheat Rolls

Cereal Coffee

Malaga Grapes Wheatena

Potato Balls

Rye Biscuits

Cereal Coffee



Griddle Cakes

Fried Bread with Cheese Cereal Coffee

Figs Rice

Hoe Cake

Hashed Brown Potatoes

Cereal Coffee

Huckleberries Cream of Wheat

Broiled Tomatoes

Gluten Gems


Prunes Hominy

Banana Baked

Cream Biscuits

Cereal Coffee

Cantaloupe Corn Flakes

Rice and Cheese

Ash Cake

Cereal Coffee

Luncheon Menus

Asparagus Tips on Toast

Stewed Tomatoes

Cottage Cheese

Prune Fluff

Creamed Okra on Toast

Lettuce Sandwiches

Apple Sauce Date Surprise

Banana Salad

Spinach on Toast

Steamed Rice

Strained Honey

Plum Sauce

Ginger Bread

Escalloped Potatoes

String Beans

Cream Cheese

Prune Sauce

Cherry Bread

Date Toast


Somerset Sandwiches

Orange Fluff

Russian Toast

Breaded Tomatoes

Pineapple Sauce

Banana Dessert


Chestnut Flour Soup

Fried Mush

Date Sandwiches

Pineapple Tapioca

Rice Soup

Potato Croquettes

Cottage Cheese

Tomato Sandwiches Malaga Grapes

Vegetable Bouillon

Steamed Rice with Tomato Sauce

Fruit Crackers

Honey Apples

Escalloped Tomatoes

Creamed Corn

Pearl Barley with Dates

Baked Apple Jelly

Asparagus Broth

Creamed Hominy

Apple, Cheese and Nut Salad

Fig Tapioca Whipped Cream

Tomato and Celery Soup

Potato and Rice Patties

Green Peas

Lettuce French Dressing Prune Fluff

Tomato Bouillon

Cheese on Toast

Orange Jelly Whipped Cream

English Walnuts

Cream of Rice Soup

Baked Tomatoes on Toast

French Salad

Cocoanut Blancmange

Cream of Spinach Soup

Hashed Brown Potatoes

Cornmeal Bread

Peanut Butter Sandwiches Apple Sauce Cake

Welsh Rarebit

Stuffed Olives

Fruit Salad

Brown Bread Sandwiches Molasses Cake

Potato Chowder

Buttered Toast

Endive Salad


Baked Apple Dumpling

Split Pea Soup

Baked Onions Stuffed with Nuts

Date Pudding


Cream Toast Hard Sauce

Nut and Vegetable Stew Fruit Macedoine


White Clover Honey


Cream of Barley Soup

Stuffed Potatoes

Cheese Salad


Ginger Snaps

Green Pea Soup

Escalloped Tomatoes

Ripe Olives

Bavarian Cream

Yorkshire Cake

Cream of Celery Soup

Saratoga Potatoes

Head Lettuce

Brown Betty Hard Sauce