Dinner Menus

Cream of Vegetable Oyster Soup Boston Roast

Browned Potatoes

Baked Egg Plant

Turnip Puree Date Surprise

Potato Chowder Macaroni au Gratin

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Fresh Spinach

Fruit Salad Ginger Pudding

Lima Bean Soup

Irish Stew

Chili Sauce

Creamed Potatoes

Buttered Beets


Lemon Pie


Tomato Bisque

Baked Beans

Potato with Parmesan

Mashed Squash


Cottage Pudding

English Walnuts

Vegetable Soup

Mushroom Pie

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Boiled Onions

Cheese Balls Brown Betty

Italian Soup

Macaroni and Kidney Beans

Parisian Potatoes

Egg Plant

Waldorf Salad

Chocolate Layer Pudding

Pine Nuts

Cream of Corn Soup

Rice a la Mexicaine

Mashed Potatoes

Vegetable Oysters

Macedoine Salad

Tapioca Pudding

Cream of Potato Soap

Bananas Fried

Lima Beans

Mashed Turnips

Combination Salad



Cream of Pea Soup

Macaroni with Tomato

Baked Potatoes

Buttered Cauliflower

Apple and Celery Salad

Cream of Rice Pudding

Cream of Bean Soup

Cornmeal Cutlets

Browned Potatoes

Green Peas

Lettuce French Dressing

Normandy Pudding

Whipped Cream

Tomato Soup

Vegetable Marrow, Stuffed

New Potatoes

Rice and Almond Molds

Stewed Green Gages

Cheese Straws

Spinach Soup

Stuffed Tomatoes



Ginger and Cream

Cheese Fritters

Cream of Celery Soup

Cucumber Stewed with Onions

New Potatoes

Lettuce Salad Cheese Pudding

Brown Potato Soup

Rice Rissoles

Baked Tomatoes


Celery Salad Clear Apples

Tomato Soup

Turkish Pilaf

Cheese Balls



Almond Apple

Creole Soup

Curried Vegetables

Cauliflower in Cream

Puffed Potatoes


Summer Salad

German Pudding

Artichoke Soup

Tomato and Potato Pie

Cheese on Toast

Almond and Raisin Pudding

Almond Soup

Curried Cauliflower and Rice

Stuffed Peppers

Apple Tart

Cheese Ramequins

Macaroni Soup

Chestnut Puree

Onions Stewed

Boiled Potatoes

Green Ginger Pudding

Manhattan Soup

Macaroni Italian

Potato and Onion Pie

Squash Baked Apples

Cauliflower Soup

Mushrooms in Cream

Apple Sauce

Saute Potatoes

Mashed Turnips

Pumpkin Pie

Onion Soup

Brazil Cutlets

Bread Sauce and Brown Gravy



Salad and Cheese Charlotte Russe

Chestnut Soup

Macaroni and Tomatoes

Apple Sauce

Mashed Potatoes

Brussels Sprouts

Cranberry Pudding

Celery Sticks

Black Bean Soup

Macaroni Cheese

Mashed Potatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes

Carrot Pudding Sauce