From Mr. Barker, of Hartford, Gazania spiendens, Dianthus Ver-Bchaffeltii, Pansies, Phlox, and Fuchsias, for which we return our best thanks. Also, some flowers of a new Polyanthus, Golden Circle, well named and very beautiful. - From Mr. Pent land, of Baltimore, some seedling Verbenas, with a request to test them, which we shall do with pleasure. - From Mr. Bridgeman, New York, seed of a new Spinach from Kew Holland, good for summer and fall use.

Plants Received #1

From Mr. Erhard, trees of the Ravenswood Pear, a very nice early fruit, a portrait of which we have had in preparation since last summer. From Mr. Goodwin, of Kingston, Pa., vines of the Creveling Grape, already figured and described in our volume for 1860. From Dr. Bute, grape vines, and an oak from Africa. From Mr. Sackstader, vines of the Tully and an unnamed grape. From Mr. Richardson, very beautiful seedling Pansies. From Mr. Fuller, seedling Carnations; entirely wilted, however, before we saw them. From Mr. Pardee, the Kirtland Apple, of which an outline and description hereafter. From Mr. Daniel Barker, of Hartford, seedling Verbenas, and new Salvias and Dahlias. From Messrs. Ellwanger A Barry, Rochester, seedling Petunias, single and double, the former very curiously marked. From Messrs. Thorburn & Co., New York, a fine collection of new seeds. From Mr. Peter Henderson, Jersey City, new Verbenas, Lantanas, Fuchsias, Roses, Tigridiaa, Ac. From Mr. Bridgeman, New York, new Fuchsias, Geraniums, Verbenas, Gladioli, Senecio, Ac. From Mr. Linsley, of Meriden, a pot of Oscar Strawberries, ripe and very fine flavored From Mr. Wilson, New York, New Roses, Geraniums, Ac. From Mr. Pentland, of Baltimore, (right this time,) new Seedling Verbenas and New Roses. From Mr. Burgess, Brooklyn, a bouquet of Daphne cneo-rum, a hardy but rare plant, and deliriously fragrant From Mr. Buchanan, of New York, collection of Gladioli, &C. From Mr. Hochstein, a collection of rare seeds.