There is probably no variety that has yielded more profit to the growers generally than Wilson's Albany. We have grown over 200 bushels per acre of them, or six thousand and four hundred quarts, which, sold at an average 7 of ten cents per quart, gave over six hundred dollars. Although not as pleasant to the taste as some others, they are good size, firm hemes, carry well, and look well in market, and consequently sell well.

We should bear in mind that for profit the fruits which yield well and look well are the most profitable to grow, - that the fine qualities and rich flavor of fruits are but secondary considerations with salesmen who dispose of the most fruits in large quantities. If the fruit looks well on the stall, it will have a ready sale, but not otherwise.

There are a few others that have generally given good returns with us, such as Downer's Prolific, Charles Downing and Kentucky, all originated by J. S. Downer, of Kentucky. Perhaps no other person has succeeded so well in raising seedling strawberries, or produced a trio of such value as these three, ripening with the earliest and continuing through the season till after most other Strawberries are gone. Three others of great value are the Green Prolific, Agriculturist and No. 30, all grown by Seth Boyden, of New Jersey. They are strong, vigorous growers, hardy and productive, and the last two named the largest berries we grow; and from their monstrous size and attractive appearance, command the highest price, and brought one dollar per quart in market the past summer, when common strawberries were plenty and cheap.

In growing fruits generally for profit, it is not necessary to cultivate many varieties, but rather be confined to a few of the best that will give a succession of fruit throughout the season. I have seen plantations of from eighty to one hundred acres of strawberries on single farms, where there were not a half dozen varieties in cultivation, - the kinds best adapted to each location, paying the largest profit. One of the proprietors informed me that he had received a check from his commission salesman of ten thousand dollars at one time, on account of his strawberries.