Winter-Blooming Varieties

Although generally the Fuchsia is considered a summer-blooming plant, there are some few that can be induced to bloom through the winter season, and almost perpetually. Among these, Speciosa is one of the best; it is a strong grower, and one that will bloom with its growth if pruned and shaken out in September, and given a place with other winter-blooming plants.

The following are some of the many varieties worth growing: For Pyramids, Glory of England, Alpha, Rosa Quintal, Pearl of England, Catherine Hayes, Souvenir de Chiswick, Queen of Hanover, Venus de Medicis. For Standards, Prince Albert, Magnifica, Clapton Hero, Prince Arthur, Speciosa, Ajax. For Rafters, Banks's Glory, Resplendent, Lady of the Lake, Rhoik, Viola Flora Plena. Dwarf Habit, Microphylla, Omega, Glo-boso, L'Empereur, Ariel. Winter-blooming, Rosa Quintal, Compt de Ber-lieugh, Speciosa, Microphylla.

Wintering Bedding Oct Plants

A. W. M., (New-Bedford.) You fail in wintering Verbenas in your cool green-house mainly because your plants are so young that they damp off Cuttings of Verbenas, Scarlet Geraniums, etc, should be made now, as speedily as possible, so that they may form abundant roots, and the plants become strong with well ripened shoots before winter. The same remarks apply to Maurandias, Cobeasand other half hardy climbers.

Wintering Grape

Orrin Brown, of St. Joseph, Michigan, kept 17 baskets of Diana grapes last winter, by simply putting the baskets in a cool, dry cellar, covering them with paper, and then leaving them alone. It is said the flavor of the grapes was wholly unimpaired.

Wintering Strawberry Beds - Raising Seedlings

At a meeting of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, (and we know that they of Cincinnati are not insignificant on this subject.) Nicholas Long worth recommended straw or cut straw, or dead leaves, applied in the fall, as the best thing to do for them. Dr. Mosher used chaff, and found it well adapted to apply to the beds after dressing them in the spring. Tan-bark was objected to on account of the dirt after rains.

Wire Baskets

Mr. Davenport, of Stamford, has sent us a new pattern of wire basket, with which we are much pleased. The design is very pretty, and the work is done in a most thorough manner, as is the case with all the wire work of Mr. Davenport that we have seen.

Wire Fences And Trellises

Mr. Philip S. Justice, of Philadelphia, has invented a very cheap and convenient wire fence, for either the front of pleasure grounds, or as division lines, or as trellises for vines. The cost is so cheap, and the convenience so great, that we shall not wonder if they meet with general favor from the public.

Wire Fencing

James B. Butts, Jr. & Co., of Boston, have been much encouraged by the demand for their woven, wire fencing; it is obtaining an extensive popularity. A pamphlet of their publication has reached us, containing descriptions and prices, which may be had on application to the above address. It contains many strong arguments in favor of wire.