This society held a "Festival of Rosea" on the 15th and 16th of June, in the spacious and elegant public hall known as the "Athenaeum." We had the pleasure of making a hasty visit on the first day, but it was immediately after the hour of opening, and before the committees had finished making their awards, or had placed the names of contributors on the objects exhibited; we are therefore unable to speak of the show in other than general terms, except in a few cases. The articles were placed on tables distributed irregularly around the room, as so many flower beds on a lawn. The cut Roses were inserted in wet sand, covered with a wire net-work, and the pot plants were tastefully grouped on tables, covered with green glazed cloth. Thus the arrangement was not only effective, but enabled visitors to make a satisfactory examination of every object.

There were but five or six collections of Roses, and some of the best were not named; a very great defect The best named collection, we believe, was that of J. W. Degraw, Esq., Presdent of the society. Messrs. Jas. Wire; Gabriel Marc, of Astoria; and Wm. Burgess, of Williamsburg, presented good collections. Mr. Burgess had some standard Roses, taken that morning from the open ground; one was worked with a slender-growing variety called a "new Weeper," the flower of which did not appear to possess much merit; and above this, on the same plant, Geant des Batailles. He had also several seedling Roses, some of which promised well. He had fine blooms of Paul Ricant and Caroline de Sansal, some fifteen varieties in all. An ornamental design contributed by Mr. Hamlyn, gardener to J. 0. Langley, Esq., of Bain-bridge, L. L, occupied a table in the center of the room. It was a rustic stand in form of a tree, the branches of which were laden with boquets and clusters of ripe Grapes; a vary attractive center piece.

The boquets and fruits were exhibited on this table.

Mr. J. E. Ramon contributed a large collection of pot plants, ineludingmany of the newest and best Fuchsias, Fancy Pelargoniums, etc. There were several tablet of pot plants, many of them Fuchsias, well grown magnificent plants. On one table we noticed a large fine plant in bloom, of Erythrina; a fine Ardisia, loaded with fruit; a large Adamia versicolor, in bloom; besides Euphorbia*, Mahernias, etc. On another table, good plants of Allamanda schotti, Iaeora coccinea, and Gloxinia agrostygma. Another table, we think Mr. Snooks', had a nice collection of new Gloxinias; and another a small collection of Verbenas, in pots, but they were not in exhibition trim.

The show of fruits and vegetables was very meagre for the season. Mr. Collopy, gardener to J. EL PRENTICE, Esq., offered three excellent heads of Cauliflower, and three heads of tolerable Lettuce. On the same table were some new Potatoes, from Mr. GEO, INGRAM; and very large Cucumbers from the garden of R. L. Colt, Esq., of Patterson, N. J. We observed but one kind of Strawberry, offered in two or three dishes, by Mr. Collopy; they were not named, but appeared to be Hovey's Seedling. We noticed but one dish of Cherries, and they were not ripe. We believe the Cherry crop is poor around the coast this season. Grapes, from the garden of N. STETSON, Esq., Bridgeport, fine bunches of Black Hamburg, Muscat of Alexandria, Cannon Hall Muscat, and White Frontignan. From Mr. Hamltn, gardener to J. C. Langlet, Black Hamburg, Zinfindal, and five other varieties, Mr. Langley's vineries, at Bayridge, L. I., are very extensive, and we have no doubt are well managed.

We would suggest that the officers and committees of the society endeavor to persuade exhibitors to label their plants legibly before placing them on the table; even what are called "common" plants, should be named. There is always a delinquency on this point, in new societies, and it cannot be remedied at once. The Brooklyn society appears to be in excellent bands, and we are happy to learn that so far the citizens have given it a generous support.

Brooklyn Horticultural Society #1

Officers for 1855, list of premiums, rules and regulations, Ac.

Wholesale Catalogue of Garden, Field, and Flower Seeds, for 1855, by James M. Thor-butot & Co., No. 15 John Street, N. Y.

Brooklyn Horticultural Society #2

The following is a list of the Officers of this Society for the year 1855:

JOHN W. DEGRAUW, President. John Maxwell, Stephen Kkowlton, Henry A. Kent, Smith J. Eastman, John W. Towt, Vice Presidents. W. B. Dunham, Treasurer. Deloe W. Bradle, Corresponding Secretary. Joseph Lees, Recording Secretary.