Premiums and Regulations for the Eighth Annual Fair of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, to be held at Cincinnati the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th days of September, 1857. Competition open to other States.

Regulations and List of Premiums of the Sixth Annual Indiana State Fair, 1857, to be held at Indianapolis, October 5th to 10th, inclusive. Officers: President - Alexander C. Stevenson, Putnam County. Vice-Presidents - William H. Bennett, Union County; I. D. G. Nelson, Allen County. Secretary - Ignatius Brown, Indianopolis. Treasurer - Salmon A. Buell, Indianapolis. General Superintendent - Calvin Fletcher, Jr., Marion County.

Prospectus of the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan. Lansing, 1857. A highly important movement.

Frank G. Johnson's Self-Regulating Wind-Mill, with wood cuts explanatory. N. Davidson, 9 Spruce St., New York.

Addresses delivered at the Dedication of the Clinton (N. Y.) Cemetery, with a copy of the Act of Incorporation. Utica, 1857. This is an interesting pamphlet that all interested in cemeteries should peruse. The address of Professor North is a scholarly and finished oration.

Biographical Memoir of the late Francois Andre Michaux. By Elias Durand. From the Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, and printed separately in a brochure, 1857. This memoir possesses great interest, but it is imperfect in many points, and its style is that of a translation, the amiable author being of foreign birth. We hope to present its facts in these columns at no distant day; meantime, the memoir of the elder Michaux will be found in our columns this month, paving the way for the life of the son hereafter.

Notice of some Remarks by the late Mr. Hugh Miller, author of the " Testimony of the Rocks," etc. etc. By W, Parker Foulke, Philadelphia, 1857.

Catalogues, Etc., Received #1

California Fruit, painted for the State Agricultural Exhibition, from specimens raised at Smith's Gardens, near Sacramento, by Thomas M. Logan, M. D. A very handsome colored picture, which we have had framed, Tarnished, and mounted. The fruits are Crawford's late Peach; circumference, twelve inches; weight, near twelve ounces. Smith's Californian Seedling Strawberries: longest diameter, two and two-tenth inches: shortest diameter, one and one-fourth inch. Black Hamburg Grapes: average diameter, eight-tenth inch. Cannon Hall Muscat; average-diameter, nine-tenth inch. A superb group, indeed.

Maury's Wind and Current Charts; Gales in the Atlantic A beautiful quarto of twelve plates, designed to show the relative frequency of gales, during each month, in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean, North and South. A most valuable publication, by which Mr. Maury arrives at the conclusion that the season which presents the most favorable state of the Atlantic for passenger travel, is found to be about the last of July and first of August.

Circular of "W. T. Hallett, Architect, Norwich, Conn. Well considered, lucid, and sensible.

Brunei's Mammoth Ship. Description of the Great Eastern Steamship, with engravings. New York: S. D. Drain. 25 cents.

Demands of the Age on Colleges. Speech of Hon. Horace Mann at Cincinnati, Ohio. New York: Fowler & Wells.

How to do Business; a Pocket Manual of Practical Affairs, and Guide to Success in Life. Same publishers.

List of Premiums and Regulations for the Ninth Annual Fair of the Michigan State Agricultural Society, to be held at Detroit, September 29th and 30th, and October 1st and 2d, 1857. A promising and liberal list. J. C." Holmes, Secretary.

Catalogue 1857 and 1858 of Fruit and Ornamental Tree, Flowering Shrubs, etc, cultivated by Wm. Reid, Elisabethtown, N. J. Among much that is valuable, Mr. Reid enumerates the American Holly, which many are now in search of.

Wholesale Price List, Fruit-Trees, etc., cultivated and for sale by the same.

Ten Northwestern fruit growers' association will hold their next session at Alton, Illinois, commencing September 29, and to continue four days. This Association is a most valuable one, and will be attended by the best pomologists of the country. An invitation to attend will be accepted if health permits.