Catalogue des Cultures de l'Etablissement Horticole de Claude Bahut, a Montpelier, France, 1856-57. Mr. Sahut is extensively engaged in arboriculture and the seed business, and would be pleased to increase his connections with America.

A. Frost & Co., Rochester, N. T., have issued three catalogues in very handsome style.

No. 1, Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits; No. 2, of Roses and Ornamental Trees; and No. 3, Dahlias, Verbenas, Fuchsias, &o. These " Genesee Valley Nurseries," among the largest in the Union, seem to be not only prosperous, but to be controlled by students and readers.

Catalogues of Select Vegetable, and another of Annual, etc, Flower Seeds, sold by Alfred Bridgman, 874 Broadway, New York, embrace all the varieties of each.

The Rural Annual and Horticultural Directory - from the office of the Genesee Farmer - by Joseph Harris. An excellent and reliable, as well as handsome manual, with profuse illustrations.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Vines, &o., cultivated and for sale by John W. Adams, Portland, Maine. A capital catalogue in all respects.

Special Select Catalogue for 1857 of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc. Wm. F. Smith.

Rose Cottage Nurseries, late, Tobin's, Augusta, Georgia. Oh! for your climate!

H. A. Dreer's Descriptive Catalogue of Garden and Flower Seeds, Implements, Books, etc, 117 Chestnut Street, near Fourth, Philadelphia. This will be found to be a very useful catalogue, containing a variety of information and instruction.

R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Greenhouse, Hothouse, and Hardy Plants, Philadelphia. Few catalogues issued in this country, have contained the variety of plants here offered for sale at moderate prices. If it were only for the beauty of the typography and engravings, it is worth possessing, but such a list is valuable to turn to at all times. May be had by inclosing a stamp. It contains directions for culture.

Lincoln and Welland Horticultural and Mechanical Society's Circular, setting forth the benefits to be derived from the Association.

Catalogues Etc Received 120054

Catalogues, Etc., Received #1

Catalogues des Plantes Ezotiques, nouvelles et rares, oulti-ves dans les serres de J. Linden au Jardin royal de zoologie et d'horticulture, a Bruxellea, 1857. Illustrated, and fall of new things of value and interest.

First Lessons in Botany and Vegetable Physiology, illustrated by over three hundred and sixty wood engravings, and a glossary of botanical terms. By Asa Gray, New York, 1857. invaluable and carefully prepared work.

A Practical Treatise on the Construction, Heating, and Ventilation of Hothouses, etc. By Robert B. Leuohars, Garden Architect, New York, 1857.

Official Report of the California State Agricultural Society for 1856. California Farmer office, San Francisco. A very interesting pamphlet, and entitled to attention.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, Shrubs, Ac, cultivated and for sale by James W. Gray, Bull's Pond, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Catalogues, Etc., Received #2

Godfrey's Narrative of the Last Grinnell Arctic Exploring Expedition. Philadelphia, 1857. Quite an amusing account.

Circular of Shepphard's Forwarding and Commission Horticultural Nursery and Seed Agency, 159 Front Street, New York. A novel and important business.

Carolina Sports, by Land and Water, including Incidents of Devil Fishing. By the Hon. Wm. Elliott, of Beaufort, S. C. Second edition. This is a most spirited account of sports as new to the world generally as they are graphic and entertaining. Written by a scholar and a gentleman, with every appliance at hand, we are free to say the sketches equal anything penned by the celebrated English writer, " Nimrod." Why it is not more known at the North is a mystery to us, though printed in New York at the Steam Power-Press of Trehern and Williamson, 47 Ann Street.

Report to the Governor of South Carolina on Algerian Cotton Culture. By the same author.

The Elliott Letters of Agricola. By the same author.

Address to the Imperial and Central Agricultural Society Of France, read before them at Paris, July 4,1855. By the same, Commissioner of South Carolina to the Universal Exhibition. Mr. Elliott read this in French, if we remember rightly, and was complimented on its purity of diction, and his perfect pronunciation of the language.

Premiums and Regulations for the Eighth Annual Fair of the Warren County (Ohio) Agricultural Society, September, 1857. We note, with thanks, numerous premiums here also, of volumes of the Horticulturist, Supplement aux Catalogues de Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie., Quai de la Messagerie, 30, a Paris.

Prix-Courant de Louis Van Houtte, Horticulteur a Gand (Ghent) Belgique, 1857.