Catalogue of Fruits and Ornamental Trees, Evergreen, Flowering Plants, Bases, etc., cultivated and for sale at the Hopewell Nurseries, near Fredricks-"burg, Va. Henry R. Robey, Proprietor.

Twelfth edition of. R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Hare and Popular Flowering Greenhouse and Hot-house Plants, including New Species and Varieties lately introduced.

Catalogues Received #1

Catalogue for 1854, of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, etc., cultivated and for sale by ISaaC Pullen. at his nurseries, near Hightstown, Mercer county, New Jersey.

Catalogues Received #2

Thorburn's Descriptive Annual Catalogue of Bulbous Flowering Booty with directions for their Culture and Management, for sale by J. M. Thobburn & Co, No. 15, John street, N Y.

General Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Green-House Plants, Roses, etc., cultivated and for sale by John B. Eaton, & Co., at the Oaklands and Woodfort Nur-series, Buffalo, N.Y. - A very well arranged and tasteful Catalogue. The lists of Pears are remarkable for the very full enumeration of synonyms - a very useful feature, and we take pleasure in calling attention to it.

Catalogues Received #3

Robert Buist has sent us his Catalogue for the Spring of 1857, which, as it contains his own observations on evergreens, etc., we shall notice at some length.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Roses, Evergreens, Ac., cultivated and for sale at Fruitland Nurseries, Augusta, Geo. By D. Redmond. A most full and excellent collection of plants, and a very accurate catalogue.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, Ac, oultivated and for sale, by Isaac Pullen, near Hightstown, Mercer Co., N. J.

Prince's Catalogue for 1856 and 1857.

Register of Rural Affairs and Cultivator almanac for 1857, with, one hundred and thirty engravings; Number 3. Albany, Luther Tucker & Son. A r4sumi of the intelligence of the past year adapted to the coming one, and a very excellent compilation, and a good almanac combined.

The Aquarium and Wardian Case, by Shirley Hibberd, has been published by Dix, Edwards & Company. It is a lucid account of the mode of keeping the smaller inhabitants of the sea and the river in glass oases at home, and of Dr. Ward's mode of growing ferns and other plants in the parlor in sealed glass cases. It is a beautiful volume, and will be read with great interest.

Proceedings on laying the corner-stone of the Library Edifice for the Free Public Library in New Bedford, Mass. Highly interesting and progressive are these proceedings; our own Loganian Library, in Philadelphia, and this new institution, are said to be the only really free public libraries in the States. Matthew Howland, Esq., will accept our thanks.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Plants, oultivated and for sale at the Persimmon Grove Nursery, Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. By Arthur Bryant.

The Araucaria imbricata, at Dropmore, England, has attained the height of thirty-eight feet two inches; diameter of branches, twenty feet; girth of stem, five feet. This superb tree grows on a mound of earth, which is the proper mode for it. It is in most luxuriant health, clothed with branches down close to the ground, and forms a perfect pyramid. It would be almost worth while to move from the North to the South, if only to grow this beautiful object, before which we knew an American to be disposed to go down on his knees in admiration!

Catalogues Received #4

Wholesale catalogue for autumn of 1858. Du Page County Nurseries, Napierville, 111., Lewis Ellsworth & Co., proprietors. A very full list which purchasers would do well to note. Also Supplement to Meehan's Hardy Trees and Shrubs.

Experimental Garden. It is gratifying to know that the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society has taken the initiatory step for creating an experimental garden, by appointing a committee to consider of a location. We trust it will not stop here. Rodney King, Esq's.,speech on the occasion, exhibited a perfect grasp of the subject, and Mr. Buist was not less encouraging in his views.