Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, etc, cultivated and for sale at the Coverdale Nurseries, Dr. Edward Taylor, proprietor, Cleveland, Ohio. A well considered list.

Journal of the United States Agricultural Society for 1857. Edited by Benjamin Perley Poore. Washington, 1858.

Illinois State Fair, at Centralis, Marion County. Regulations and Premiums - to be held on Sept. 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th. Fifteen thousand dollars are offered in premiums.

New Jersey State Agricultural Society. List of Premiums and Regulations of the Fourth Annual Exhibition, to be held at Trenton, Sept. 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Premiums and Regulations of the 9th Annual Fair of the Warren County, Ohio, Agricultural Society. To be held at Lebanon on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September.

Effects of Carburetted Hydrogen Gas on a collection of exotic plants. By George W. Fahnestook. From the proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.

Synopsis of North American Willows. By N. J. Anderson, Professor of Botany in the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Cambridge, Mass. No doubt published under the auspices of Dr. Gray, and it is full of research.

Statistical Illustrations of the past and present condition of Lancashire, England. By Henry Ashworth, Esq. Highly curious.

Letter from David Landreth of Philadelphia, to the Commissioner of Patents. Biting and strongly put.

Cotton: Its cultivation, manufacture, and uses. A paper read before the Society Of Arts, London, March 1858. By Henry Ashworth, Manchester, 1858.

Address before the Chester County Horticultural Society, June, 1858. By Z. Collins Lee.

Wilcox & Felt's Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit-Trees cultivated and for sale at the West Feliciana Nurseries, Bayou Sara, Louisiana. A very fine and surprising collection.

Catalogues, Etc., Received #1

Abridged Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs Plants, etc., cultivated and for sale by J. Hugging, Woodburn, Illinois. Excellent The Oregon Farmer, published at Portland, Oregon, is a very spirited and well-printed sheet neatly illustrated, and giving strong evidence that the editor knows what he is about. W. B. Taylor & Co. are the publishers.

Supplement to the Descriptive Catalogue of Andre Leroy'a Nurseries! Angers, France. Agent, F. A. Brugiere, 138 Pearl Street, New York.

Catalogue of Fruit-Trees of the West Feliciana Nurseries. Dr. James H. Grain, Agent, Cain, Illinois.

Catalogue of 1858 and 1859, Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, etc. By Isaac Pullen, Hightstown, N. J. A valuable catalogue of a valuable collection.

Supplementary Catalogue 1858 and 1859. Wm. R. Prince & Co., Flushing, N. Y.

Catalogue 1858 and 1859, of Gloaming Nursery, Clarkesville, Ga. By John Van Buren.

J. M. Thorburn & Co'a., Catalogue of Bulbous Flowering Hoots, 15 John Street, N. Y.

Cheltenham Nurseries, Haines & Walker, near Germantown, Pa., Fruit and ornamental Trees.

Catalogue of Grape-Vines, Vinwood Grape Nurseries, Ilion, Herk. County, N. Y. J. D. In-gersoll, Proprietor. Embraces all the Grapes of value.

Grape-Vines, Fruit-Trees, etc. . Miles, Sag Harbor, Long Island.

Catalogues Received #1

Catalogue of selected roses and other hardy plants, including both old and new varieties, cultivated and for Bale by James Pentland, at the Green Mount Garden, Baltimore. This is a very full catalogue, including the newest and best plants known, and among them the new candidate for public favor, the Rose " George Peabody," of which we think very highly.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Roses, cultivated and for sale by John Saul, Washington, D. C. A large list of all the best things known, and one which cannot fail to attract attention.

Cheltenham Nurseries; Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, etc. Hacker & Haines, on Oak Lane, near German to wd, Pa, A good assortment and on reasonable terms.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc, etc, at the Nursery of W. L. Ferris, Throgg's Neck, Weschester co, New York. Everything that is desirable seems to be included.

R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Greenhouse, Hothouse, and hardy plants, near Philadelphia. Store 922 Market St.

A Descriptive Catalogue of Hardy Trees and Shrubs grown and for sale by Robert Buist, as above. Both catalogues are evidences of the knowledge and accuracy of the author, to whom it would be difficult to send an order for a plant or tree of value which he could not supply from bis own houses or grounds.

"Recollections of a Life-time; or, Men and Things I Have Seen." By S. G. Goodrich, author of "Peter Parley's Tales".

This work comes out in a new dress from the publisher of the Horticulturist - two large and handsome volumes, illustrated and well-printed. As the history of the rise of an American boy, graphically told, Mr. Goodrich's life has few superiors, and we are sure that its principles are better than most. Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc, at the Harmony Grove Nurseries, Isaac Jackson & Co., Proprietors, Jennerville, Chester co., Pa. An extensive and valuable stock in the hands of reliable nurserymen.

Nursery of John C. Teas, Raysville, Indiana. Trade prices, 1858-9. A fine stock adapted to the wants of the great West.

Annual Catalogue of Southern acclimated trees, etc, for sale at the 'Pomaria Nurseries address Wm. Sumner, Pomaria, S. C. A very valuable catalogue.

Public Exercises at the inauguration of Rev. Samuel Ware Fisher, D.D., as the sixth President of Hamilton College, at Clinton, N. Y. Whatever they do here they do well.

Priced list of vines and plants, by A. W. Potter & Co., Grape-Lawn Nurseries, Knowles-ville, Orleans Co., N. Y.

Catalogue of the trees, etc, cultivated at the Bellevue Nurseries, Canton, Mississippi, H. A. Swasey & Co., proprietors. Full and valuable.

R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Greenhouse, Hothouse, and Hardy Plants. Philadelphia, 1859-60. Such a list as is rarely sent out by any cultivator, and reliable.

The Sweet Potato, its culture in the North, with directions. O. S. Murray & Son, 20 Mile Stand, Warren Co., Ohio. Very complete and useful.

Bridgeman's Descriptive Catalogue, No. '6. Select Bedding Plants, Roses, Bulbs, etc., 878 Broadway, New York. Everything is here to suit a luxurious and educated demand.

Fruit, Ornamental, and Evergreen Trees, cultivated by Lewis Nicholson, Lake Erie Nurseries, East Rock port, Ohio.

Catalogue of Garden and Field Seeds, cultivated and sold by A. F. Mayher & Co., Agricultural Warehouse and Seed Store, at new stand, No. 54 Vesey St., New York.