Compare Vomiting.

Ferrum Phos

In the chilly stage of gastric fever. Acute gastritis with much pain, swelling, tenderness at the pit of the stomach, especially if vomiting of food occurs. Dyspepsia with flushed, hot face, epigastrium tender to touch. Indigestion with beating or throbbing pain, heat, redness or flushing of the face, or vomiting of undigested food, the tongue being clean. Indigestion from relaxed condition of the muscular walls of the stomach blood vessels, with burning tenderness, flushed face and pain after taking food. Flatulence, belching with taste of food eaten. Stomach-ache from cold in children, if pressure aggravates the pain. Stomachache from chill with loose evacuations, caused by insufficient absorption of moisture, from a relaxed condition of the villi. Loss of appetite, disgust for milk, after eating, nausea and vomiting of food; the vomited matters are very sour; can not take acids, herrings, meat or coffee and cakes. Sometimes vomits mornings before breakfast; headache, hammering in the forehead and temples so that she fears apoplexy. Copious menstruation every week, with aching in the abdomen and sacrum. Sleep restless, awful dreams. Does not feel rested in the morning. Cannot bear tight clothing. Thirst for cold water. Desire for some stimulant, brandy, ale, etc.

Greasy eructations.

Kali Mur

Gastric or bilious derangement, with gray, white-coated or mapped tongue. Dyspepsia; pain or heavy feeling in the right side under the shoulder, especially if fatty food disagrees or eyes look large and projecting. Flatulence, with sluggishness of the liver and gray or white-coated tongue. Gastritis, if caused by taking too hot drinks; give this remedy at once. Second stage of gastritis. Indigestion with white tongue, caused by taking rich or fatty food. Bitter taste. Sick feeling after taking fat; vomiting of opaque mucus. Stomach-ache with constipation.

Kali Phos

Excessive hungry- feeling soon after taking food. A nervous disturbance, depression or weakness; " gone feeling." Flatulence with distress about the heart or simply on left side of stomach, weary pain in left side, weakness of heart. Gastritis if it comes too late under treatment, with asthenic conditions. Indigestion with great nervous depression. Stomach-ache from fright or excitement. Ulcer or cancer of the stomach. Very thirsty; empty gnawing sensation in stomach relieved by eating. Belching of gas tasting bitter and sour. Constant pain at epigastrium in a small spot.

Kali Sulph

Chronic catarrh of the stomach, where there is a yellow-coated tongue. Indigestion with characteristic tongue. Dyspepsia, with sensation of pressure as of a load and fulness at the pit of the stomach, with yellow-coated tongue. Sensation of faintness at the pit of the stomach. Indigestion with pain, water gathers in the mouth (after Natrum mur. and Kali mur.), pain in the stomach just above the angle of the crest of the ilium in a line toward the umbilicus, deep within, beside the right hip. Colicky pains in stomach when Magnesia phos. does not give relief.

Magnesia Phos

Pains at the pit of the stomach, nipping, griping, with short belching of wind giving no relief, tongue clean. Cramp in the stomach as if a band were tightly laced 14 or drawn around the body. Flatulence with pain, belching gives no relief. Indigestion with spasmodic, crampy pain, clean tongue. Painful constriction of the muscles of the coat of the stomach, together with hot applications. Convulsive hiccough. Marked disposition to regurgitation immediately after eating. "In gastralgia, magic in effect, often stopping a cramping condition of the stomach when all other remedies have failed. Colic of horses." (Duffield.) Patient craves sugar.

Natrum Mur

Indigestion with pain and water gathering in the mouth, with vomiting of clear, frothy water, or stringy-saliva. Stomach-ache with much saliva gathering in the mouth; waterbrash, watery fluid coming up in throat, not acid, often accompanied with constipation. Offensive breath. Ravenous hunger. Loss of desire for smoking. Violent thirst. Aversion to bread. Sour taste. Feeling of great weakness and sinking at the pit of the stomach. Red spots on pit of the stomach.

Natrum Phos

Acidity, sour risings, excess of lactic acid. Loss of appetite, indigestion felt slightly. On rising in the morning the tongue has a thin, moist coating, a creamy deposit at the back, or as if raw or yellow sugar had been eaten. Flatulence with sour risings. Gastric derangements with symptoms of acidity. Gastric ulceration, pain and indigestion, sour taste in the mouth. Indigestion and severe pain after food, or coming on two hours after, with acid-sour risings. Stomach-ache when worms are present, accompanied by acid risings. Ulceration of the stomach, pain in one spot after food and sometimes sour risings, loss of appetite, face red and blotched, yet not feverish. Heartburn and acidity, vomiting of dark fluid like coffee-grounds. Waterbrash. Gastric troubles after eating of fat food. Natrum phos. causes the fat to become emulsified.

Natrum Sulph

Biliousness, excess of bile, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting of bitter fluid, greenish-brown or greenish-gray tongue, or greenish diarrhoea, dark, bilious stools, headache, giddiness and lassitude. Gastric derangements with bitter taste in the morning. Sour eructations, heartburn, copious formation of gas and aggravation from farinaceous food. Flatulence becomes incarcerated in sigmoid flexure and ascending colon, producing violent colic which is relieved by kneading and borborygmus, stitching pains in the liver. (Laird, N. A. J. H., Feb., 1888.) Cannot bear tight clothing around waist.

Calcarea Phos

A course of this remedy is useful in gastric fever as an intercurrent. Pain after eating even the smallest quantity of food. Heartburn, soreness of stomach on pressure, great craving for bacon, ham, salted and smoked meats. Bitter taste in morning, with headache. Dyspepsia, with pain in stomach, temporarily relieved by eating and raising wind. "Almost an infallible remedy for excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach." (Foster.) Calc. phos. rx, in water, given half an hour after food, is efficacious in non-assimilation of food. Dyspepsia with much distress temporarily relieved by eating.