1. Dr. Locock's Lotions. Oil of mace (expressed oil of nutmeg) 1/2 oz., olive oil 2 drs., water of ammonia 1/2 dr., spirit of rosemary 1 oz., rose-water 2 1/2 oz.; mix. [Mr. Astley recommends the following modification: Oil of mace 1/4 oz., olive oil 2 drs., oil of rosemary 4 drops; incorporate them carefully, than add gradually 3 1/4 oz. of rose-water, 2 drs. of solution of carbonate of ammonia, and 2 drs. of rectified spirit.]

2. Mr. Erasmus Wilson's. Eau de Cologne 2 oz., tincture of cantharides 2 drs.; oil of rosemary and oil of lavender, of each 10 drops.

3. Mr. Acton's. Equal parts of rectified spirit, castor oil, and eau de Cologne.

4. Mr. Acton's, stronger. Equal parts of honey-water and tincture of cantharides.

5. Tincture of cantharides 3 drs., acetate of copper 3 grs.; oil of almonds and castor oil, of each a fluid oz., with any essential oil to scent it. A small quantity to be applied to the roots of the hair every morning.

6. Vinegar of cantharides (Lond. Pharm.) 1/2 oz., eau de Cologne 1 oz., rose-water 1 oz.; mix.

7. Castor-oil, lavender-water, and tincture of cantharides, in equal quantities.

8. Glycerine 2 oz., tincture of myrrh 1 oz., eau de Cologne 1 oz., tincture of cantharides 1/2 oz., distilled water 24 oz. - Pharm. Journ.

9. American Shampoo Liquor. Rum 3 quarts, spirit of wine 1 pint, water 1 pint, tincture of cantharides 1/2 oz., carbonate of ammonia 1/2 oz., salt of tartar 1 oz. Rub it on, and afterwards wash with water. By omitting the salt of tartar it nearly resembles balm of Columbia.

10. French Receipt. Rum 500 parts, alcohol 75, distilled water 75, tincture of cantharides 3,* carbonate of potash 3, carbonate of ammonia 5 parts. Dissolve the salts, mix the liquids, and filter. Wet the skin of the head, with this lotion for several minutes, then wash it with water.

11. Dr. Landerer's. Bay leaves 2 oz., cloves 1/4 oz., spirit of lavender 4 oz., spirit of thyme 2 oz.; digest for 6 days, filter, and add 1/2 oz. of ether. To be rubbed on every morning.

12. Put into a still 4 lbs. of honey, 12 handfuls of the tendrils of vine, and the same of rosemary tops; distil very slowly till the liquor begins to taste sour.

13. Dr. Cattell's. See Washes for the Hair, further on.

Note. - The above ointments and liquids require to be used for some weeks, in order to produce a decided effect, either in curing or preventing baldness. Those which contain cantharides in any form are the most active, and must be used with caution. They should be applied once or twice a day, according to the effect produced; but if the scalp becomes sore, their use must be omitted for a time, or longer intervals allowed, as the case may require. When employed to prevent the hair falling off, or from becoming grey, they need not be applied so frequently as for baldness.

* Made according to the French Codex.

The following require no particular caution, being less active than the preceding.