This may arise from a bruise, when it can be relieved by Arnica, or cold water. It is often produced by cold, abuse of ardent spirits, scrofulous and syphilitic affections, and a variety of other causes.

If there is swelling, soreness, heat or erysipelatous redness about the nose, a few doses of Belladonna will generally produce relief. For the indication of other remedies, see Coryza, or cold in the head.

Where there are ulcerations or scabs in the nostrils: Alum., Aurum, Borax, Mercury, Nit.-ac, or Sulphur, may be given.

A discharge of pus generally indicates, Aurum, Mer-cury, Sulphur.

Syphilitic inflammation requires mercury, or if that remedy has already been used to excess, nit. ac., Aurum, or Thuja.

If arising from abuse of spirituous liquors; let liquor alone, and take, Arsenic, Calcarea, Belladonna, Phos-phorus.

In Scrofulous persons: Aurum, Calcarea, Mercury, Phosphorus, Sulphur,

Warts on the nose: Causticum.


The remedy may be taken one, two, or three times a day, according to the severity of the symptoms. Two drops, or eight globules, should be mixed with a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful given at a dose; or three globules, or a powder, taken dry on the tongue.