Effects produced by the loss of animal fluids, scrofulous paralytic, and hysteric affections; great liability to take cold. Intermittent fevers.


Chilliness and want of animal heat. Intermittent fever with yellow or livid complexion; pain in the bones; headache, debility, and loss of appetite; fever, generally coming on towards morning. Intermittent fevers from abuse of Cinchona. Typhoid fevers with debility; dryness of the tongue and great thirst; profuse sweat.


Oppressive or stupefying headache, especially in the morning. Congestion of the head. Scurf and itching-eruption on the head.

Eyes, Ears And Nose

Inflammation of the eyes with excoriating pain and discharge of acrid tears. Dim-sightedness and incipient amaurosis, sensations of gauze-black points or flashes of light before the eyes. Coryza with sneezing and obstruction of the nose.


Aching in the bones of the face, lips dry, cracked, and smarting with ulcers in the corners of the mouth and in the throat. Swelling of the submaxillary glands. Toothache on drawing in air, after a meal or at night; sometimes with swelling of the cheeks and gums; ulcers on the gums, salivation; burning vesicles on the tongue.


Burning and painful varices in the anus. Constipation. Haemorrhoidal tumors; watery diarrhoea.

Genital Organs

Leucorrhoea sometimes acrid and corrosive.

Larynx and Chest - Cough from tickling in the throat, particularly when walking or taking a deep breath; cough in the morning and after going to bed, with violent pain in the forehead; soreness of the chest, and wheezing breathing. Palpitation of the heart, irregular beats of the heart.