Cold Powder - Camph. partes v, dissolved in ether to consistence of cream, add Ammon. carbonat. partes iv. and Pulv. opii pars j. Dose, grs. iij-x. To break up or modify cold

Cubebs. Powder as insufflation; also smoked; also the tincture in 3ss. doses with infusion of linseed

Ferrier's Snuff, vide Bismuth

Hot Sponging, 3. To relieve the headache

Iodine and Iodides. As inhalation; like ammonium iodide

Iodoform and Tannin, 2. As insufflation Ipecacuanha, 2, 3. In moderate doses (gr. x.) Dover's powder at night will cut short an attack. The wine as spray to the fauces Jaborandi, 1. As tincture or hypodermic injection of half a grain of pilocarpine Nux Vomica. In dry cold in the head Oil. Inunction to whole body to lessen susceptibility. Locally to nose. Sometimes ointment may be used instead Opium, 3. As Dover's powder at commencement; but not with obstruction to respiration Potassium Bichromate. Solution locally, 1 to

10 gr. in 4 oz. Potassium Chlorate. Eight or ten lozenges a day to check Potassium Iodide. 10 gr. at bedtime to avert acute coryza Pulsatilla, 2. Warm lotion applied to interior of nares; or internally, but not with symptoms of intestinal irritation

Catarrh, Acute Nasal.

Quinine. 10 gr. of quinine with 1/2 gr. morphine at commencement may abort it

Salicylate of Sodium. 2 1/2 gr. every half-hour to relieve headache and neuralgia associated with coryza

Sanguinaria. Internally, and powder locally

Sea-water Gargle

Spray. Useful means of applying solutions such as ipecacuanha wine, already mentioned

Sugar, 1. Finely powdered and snuffed up the nose in catarrh due to potassium iodide

Sulphurous Acid. As inhalation, spray, or fumigation

Tannic Acid, 1. Injection of a solution in rectified spirit

Tartar Emetic, 2, 3. 1/20 to 1/12 gr. at commencement, especially in children with thick and abundant secretion

Turkish Bath, 3

Veratrum Viride. If arsenic fails

Warm Foot-Bath, 3. Before going to bed

Zinc Sulphate, 1. As injection to nose, gr. j. to 3j.

Catarrh, Chronic Nasal.

Alum. In powder by insufflation, or in solution by douche Ammonia. Inhalation Ammonium Chloride, 3. In thick and abundant secretion Asafoetida, 4. Stimulant expectorant Balsam of Peru, 4. Stimulant expectorant Benzoic Acid, 4. Inhaled as vapour Bromine. As vapour, inhaled with great caution Carbolic Acid. 1 to 100 as spray, or 1 to 200 as douche. 1 part with 4 of iodine tincture as inhalation or by spray Cod-Liver Oil, 2 Cubebs, 2. In powder, by insufflation or trochees Ethyl Iodide, 2. As inhalation Eucalyptol, 3. In chronic catarrh with profuse secretion Hamamelis, 3. In chronic catarrh, snuffed up nose Hydrastis, 2. In chronic catarrh Iodine, 2. Vapour inhaled Iodoform and Tannin, 2. Insufflated Sanguinaria, 2. In very chronic cases Turpentine. As liniment to chest

Cerebral Anaemia.

Ammonia, 2. Inhaled is useful in sudden attacks

Amyl Nitrite. To act on vessels

Arsenic, 2. In hypochondriasis of aged people; best combined with a minute dose of opium

Aurum, 2. Melancholic state

Caffeine. In hypochondriasis


Chalybeate Mineral Waters, 2

Chloral Hydrate. In small doses, with stimulants




Guarana, 2. Restorative after acute disease


Nitro-Glycerine. To dilate cerebral vessels. Like Nitrite of Amyl

Nux Vomica

Phosphorus and Phosphates, 2. To supply nutriment

Quinine, 2

Strychnine, 2

Cerebral Concussion.

Rest. Absolute to be enjoined Stimulants. To be avoided Warmth. To extremities

Cerebral Congestion.

Aconite, 2. In acute cases before effusion has taken place Arsenic, 2. In commencing atheroma of cerebral vessels and tendency to drowsiness and torpor Belladonna. Very useful Bromides. Very useful Cathartics. To lessen blood-pressure Chloral Hydrate. When temperature high Colchicum. In plethoric cases Colocynth. As purgative Diet. Moderate, animal food sparingly, and stimulants to be avoided Digitalis, 2. In alcoholic congestion; and simple congestive hemicrania Ergot, 2. In want of arterial tone, or miliary aneurisms causing vertigo, etc. Galvanism of head and cervical sympathetic Gelsemium, 2. In great motor excitement, wakefulness, horrors after alcoholic excess Hydrocyanic Acid Venesection, 2. A suitable remedy in cases of threatening rupture of a vessel Veratrum Viride, 2. In acute congestion, the good ceases with exudation Water. Cold douche to head, and warm to feet, alternately hot and cold to nape of neck


Ammonium Chloride. Locally Ice


Calomel, 1. Applied locally

Camphor, 1. Finely powdered

Canquoin's Paste, 4. Zinc chloride, 1 in 6, made into paste and applied Carbolic Acid. Locally Caustics. Chromic acid, bromine, acid nitrate of mercury, zinc chloride, nitric acid, caustic alkalies Eucalyptol, 3. Mixed with iodoform and locally applied Hydrogen Peroxide. Constantly applied to destroy specific character Iodoform. One of the best remedies Mercury. Internally. Black wash locally; or yellow wash, or corrosive sublimate in solution


Camphor, 1. Finely powdered

Carbolic Acid. As injection and local application

Caustics. Sometimes necessary

Eucalyptol, 3. With iodine

Ferric Iodide, 2, 3. Internally in phagedaenic cases, or debility

Ferrum Tartaratum. Like Ferric Iodide

Iodoform. Very useful

Mercury. Acid nitrate as local application

Nitric Acid. Locally as caustic

Potassium Chlorate, 1. In fine powder

Chapped Hands and Lips.

BeNzoin, 4. Compound tincture, 1 part to 4 of glycerine Collodion Glycerine. Saturated with half the quantity of eau de cologne; or as glycerinum amyli

Chapped Hands and Lips.

Hydrastis. As lotion

Lotio Plumbi, 1

Solution of Gutta Percha, 1. Protective