Sulphurous Acid. As lotion or as fumigation

Chest Pains.

Belladonna, 3. In pleurodynia, as plaster or ointment Iodine, 3. In myalgia as ointment

Chicken Pox.


Ammonium Acetate

Bath. Cold in hyperpyrexia. Warm as diaphoretic Compress, Cold. If sore-throat. Laxatives


Aconite, 1

Arnica. Useful

Balsam of Peru, 3. As ointment when broken

Basilicon. Ointment.

Cajeput Oil

Capsicum, Tincture. Locally, when unbroken, a strong tincture and solution of gum arabic in equal parts on silk

Carbolic Acid, 2. With tincture of iodine and tannic acid as ointment

Cod-Liver Oil. Internally


Copper Sulphate, 1. Solution of, gr. iv. to 3j.


Iodine, 1, 2, 3. Ointment or tincture to unbroken chilblains

Sulphurous Acid, 1, 2, 3. Diluted with equal part of glycerine, as spray, or as fumes of burning sulphur

Tincture of Opium, 1. Locally to ease itching

Turpentine, 2


Arsenic. In place of, or along with, iron


Berberine Sulphate, 1. Inferior to quinine

Cocculus Indicus. In amenorrhoea and leu-corrhcea

Ergot. In chlorotic amenorrhoea

Ferri Iodidum, 1.

Ferro-Manganates, 1

Gallic Acid, 1

Hypophosphite of Calcium, or Sodium, 3

Iron. 3. Carbonate, useful form. Sometimes best as chalybeate waters. In irritable stomach the non-astringent preparations; in weak anaemic girls, with pain and vomiting after food, the persalts are best

Manganese. In amenorrhoea

Massage. Useful, combined with electricity and forced feeding

Nux Vomica, 2. Useful, combined with iron

Oils and Fats. As inunction

Pancreatin, 2. To improve digestion

Pepsin. When digestion imperfect

Potassium Iodide

Purgatives. Useful; often indispensable


Zinc Phosphide


Potassium Bromide, 3. In children who choke over drinking, but who swallow solids readily

Cholera Asiatica.

Alcohol, 2. Iced brandy, to stop vomiting, and stimulate the heart

Ammonia, 1, 4. Intravenous injection

Amyl Nitrite

Antimony, 1

Arsenic. In small doses, has been used to stop vomiting.

Atropine, 2. Hypodermically in collapse

Boric Acid, 1

Cajeput Oil

Calomel, 2. In minute doses to allay vomiting

Camphor, 2, 3,4. mv. of strong tincture, along with tincture of opium, every ten minutes, while the symptoms are violent, and then every hour

Cannabis Indica, 1


Capsicum, 1

Carbolic Acid, 2. Gr. ss. along with m ij. of iodine every hour

Chloral Hydrate. Subcutaneously, alone, or with morphine in the stage of collapse

Chloroform, 2 or 3 min., either alone or with opium, every few minutes to allay the vomiting


Copper Salts. Sometimes used to stop vomiting

Corrosive Sublimate

Counter-irritation over Epigastrium

Creasote, 1. Alone or with opium to allay vomiting

Dry Packing, 1

Guaco, 1

Hydrocyanic Acid

Ice to Spine, 3. For cramps •

Ipecacuanha, 1

Jaborandi, 1

Lead Acetate. Has been used as an astringent in early stages along with camphor and opium

Morphine, 3. One-eighth to one-fourth of a grain subcutaneously to relieve cramps

Naphthalin. May be useful

Nitric Acid

Opium, 2. In subcutaneous injection 1/10-1/2 gr. to check the preliminary diarrhoea, and arrest the collapse


Phosphoric Acid, 1

Physostigma, 1

Podophyllin, 1

Potassium Bromide, 1

Quinine, 1

Ricini, Oleum

Saline Injections, 2. Into the veins have a marvellous effect during collapse, in apparently restoring the patient, but their benefit is generally merely temporary

Strychnine. Has been used during the preliminary diarrhoea, and also as a stimulant to prevent collapse

Sulpho-Carbolates, 1

Sulphuric Acid. Alone, or with opium, is very effective in checking the preliminary diarrhoea

Transfusion of Milk. Has been used in collapse

Turpentine. Has sometimes appeared serviceable in doses of 10-20 m. every two hours

Cholera Infantum.

Aliment. Milk

Arsenic. For vomiting in collapse

Bismuth Sub-Nitrate, 1, 2. In emulsion

Brandy, 2. In full doses


Calomel, 2. In minute doses to arrest the vomiting

Camphor, 2. Where there is very great depression

Cholera Infantum.

Carbolic Acid, 2. With bismuth or alone very effective

Cold, 4. Bath at 75° F. every three or four hours, or cold affusions

Creasote, 1

Cupri Sulphas, 2. In very minute doses up to the one thirty-secondth of a grain

Ferri et Ammonii Citras, 1

Ice to Spine, 1

Ipecacuanha. When stools greenish or dysenteric

Lead Acetate. Very useful

Liquor Calcis, 1

Mercury, 2, 3. 1/6 gr. of grey powder, hourly. In urgent cases a starch enema should be given, containing a minute quantity of laudanum

Nux Vomica, 1

Oleum Ricini

Peptonized Milk, 1

Potassium Bromide, 2. In nervous irritability and feverishness

Potassium Chlorate, 4. In enemata


Rhubarb, 1

Silver Nitrate. After acute symptoms are past

Sodium Phosphate

Tannin and Glycerin

Zinc Oxide, 2. With bismuth and pepsin

Cholera Simplex.

Alcohol. Dilute and iced.

Arsenic. To stop vomiting

Atropine, 2. Hypodermically, an efficient remedy

Cajeput Oil. Used in India

Calumba. As anti-emetic

Camphor. Very useful

Carbolic Acid, 2. With bismuth

Chloral Hydrate. Subcutaneously, very useful

Copper Salts. As astringent

Ipecacuanha. Very useful

Lead Acetate, 2. At commencement and before administering opium, in order to deplete the vessels

Mustard. Internally, as emetic; poultice over chest