Fortune, By Unaided Efforts

The Lines of Fate and the Sun starting from inside a well formed Triangle. Long First Phalanx of the Thumb. Fine, straight Line of Head and Mounts of the Sun and Mercury predominant, with well marked Mounts of Mars. Often branches of the Line of Fate ending on the Mount of the Sun or the same Line terminating on the Mount of Mercury in excellent shape.

Fortune Of The Parents. Loss Of

Cane: - 286.

Fortune. The Line Of

The Line of the Sun - 30.

Found Out

Case: 306.

Friendship Of The Great

Line of Fate terminating either on the Mount of Jupiter or on the Mount of the Sun Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun predominant. A Line from the Quadrangle to the Mount of Mercury. One or two crosses on the second phalanx of the first finger.

Frith. Henry, and Heron-Allen, Edward; Englishmen; authors of "Chiromancy, or the Science of Palmistry" (London: 1883).


Second Finger too short and often more pointed than the others. A weak first phalanx of the Thumb. A poor Line of Head. A very fragmentary Line of the Sun. Insignificant (or absent) Lower Mount of Mars.

Future Written In The Hand

Why and when - 27.

Galen. Claud; the famous Greek physician (103-193); author of "Secundum Hippacratem Medicorum Principia" (Edition of 1528, Paris).

Gambler, The Born

Soft hand; short, smooth fingers; the third finger equal to the second, if not longer. A large Mount of the Moon and a very drooping Line of Head.

Gautier, Jules: a Frenchman; author of La Chirognbmie et la Phrenologie" (Paris: 1867), and "Chiromancie et Chirognomomie" (Paris: 1885).

Generative Organs, Troubles Of The

(For Women, see Female Troubles.) Exaggerate or badly marked Mount of Venus. First Bracelet of the Rascctte very convex. A star at the connection of the Lines of Head and Lover.


Space (wide) between base of Firt Finger and Thumb.

Georget; a Frenchman; author of "Pnysiologie du Système Nerveux"

(Paris: 1821).

Gessrmann, Gustav. W.; a German; author of "Katechismus der Hand-lesekunst" (Berlin:1893) (a reprint by Laird & Lee, Chicago, 1898, with Preface by Comte de Saint-Germain);

"Katechismus des Gesichtleskunst" (Berlins: 1894); and other works in German on "Phrenology." "Astrology," "Graphology," etc., all plentifully illustrated and quite clear and modern in their deductions.

Girdle Of Venus. The

259. 1. Position and Direction - 261. 2. Character -261. 3. Termination - 262. 4. Breaks - 262. 5. Connected with the Main Lines - 262. 6. Signs - 263.

Girl-Mother Deserted

Case; 119.

Goclenio. Rudolphus

author of "Aphor-ismorum Chiromanticorum Tracta-tus" (Leipsic: 1597). and numerous other works on Palmistry.

Gout - "Satin Skin."

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Jupiter. The middle part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined, A downward line, often crossed, on the middle part of the Mount of the Moon. The Line of Life forked and red at its termination.

Gowers.W. R.; an Englishman; author of "Epilepsy and Other Chronic Convulsive Diseases" (London: 1881).


See Avarice,

Grief Ending In Insanity

Case: 190.

Guilty Intrigue

An island on the Line of Fate. An island on the Line of Heart. An island on a Line of Union. Independent island inside the Mount of Venus. An island on a Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus or the Line of Life to any other part of the hand, but especially true if it cuts the Line of Heart and also a Line of Union.

Guilty Intrigue Death Of Husband

Case: 271. Guilty Intrigue. Double. - Case: 353.

Guilty Intrigue, Fatal

Some one of the above indications and also stars or bad breaks on the Line of Fate. A Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus and one from the Mount of the Moon. both cutting; Line of Fate at the me place.

Guilty Intrigue In Thought Only

Case: 288 Guilty Intrigue. Lawsuit Lost, - Case: 272.

Guilty Intrigue, Projected

Case: 236. Guilty Love; Death, Lawsuits. - Case: 183.

Hand As A Whole

35; measured on back from wrist to tip. Size - 36. Hair - 36. Illustration - 37.

Hand Proper

Measured on back from wrist to first knuckle. Longer than Finger - 37. The same length - 37. Shorter than Fingers - 37.

Hand Proper And Palm Combined

I. and very hard - 37, 2. Thick and hard - 37. 3. Thick and Medium Hard - 38. 4. Thick and Medium Soft - 38. 5. Thick and Soft - 38. 6. Thick and Very Soft - 38. 7. Thin and Very Hard - 38. 8. Thin and Hard - 38. 9. Thin. Narrow and Meager - 38. to. Thin and Soft - 38. 11. Thin and Very Soft - 38. 12. Transparent - 38.

Hand; The "Organ Of Organs."

Aristotle, 19.

Happiness, Perfect And Durable

A harmonious blending of all the best Chirognomic and Chiromantic Indications to be found in this book wherever they do not contradict the particular type the subject is found to belong to Hartlieb,, Johnn: a German; author of "Die Kunst Ciromantia" (Augsburg: 1745): this work was written at the end of the XV, Century, and is one of the old standards.

Haunted By Ghosts

Case: 112.

Hay Fever

Poor Line of Liver with a narrow Quadrangle, due to Line of Heart curving down to Line of Head.

Headaches. Chronic

Line of Liver red at its termination. Chained Line of Head. Short Line of Head and irregular Line of Liver. Bars cutting Line of Head. Number of small breaks of the Line of Head. Line of Head cut by many bars (especially if the Line is drooping).

Headaches, Serious

Very large branch from starting point of Line of Life down to the Rascette. Drooping and much broken Line of Head. Sec also Biliousness and Liver Trouble.

Head. The Line Of

213. 1. Position and Direction: 3. By Itself - 213; b. In connection with other Indications - 214. 2. Character: a. By Itself - 215; b. In combination with other Indications - 216. 3. Starting Points and Forts at the Start - 218. 4. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 220. 5. Branches - 225. 6. Breaks - 227, 7. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 229. b. By Minor Lines - 231. 8. Signs - 233. Special Observation - 239. Curious Cases - 240.