Algernon Charles Swinburne, an English poet, born in London, April 5, 1837. He is a son of Admiral Charles Henry Swinburne. After studying in France, he entered Balliol college, Oxford, in 1857, but left the university without graduating. He has published " The Queen Mother" and "Rosamond," two plays (1860); "Atalanta in Calydon," a tragedy in the Greek form (1864); " Chastelard, a Tragedy " (1865); " Poems and Ballads " (1866; republished in New York under the title "Laus Veneris "), which was soon suppressed by the publisher; "Notes on Poems and Reviews" (1866), a reply to his critics; "A Song of Italy" (1867); "William Blake, a Critical Essay" (1868); "Notes on the Royal Academy Exhibition " (1868), of which the first part was written by W. M. Rossetti; " Siena, a Poem " (1868); "Ode on the Proclamation of the French Republic " (1870); "Bothwell, a Tragedy" (1870); "Songs before Sunrise" (1871); "Essays and Studies" (1875); " George Chapman, a Critical Essay" (1875); and "Erech-theus," a play on the Greek model (1875). He has also edited "Christabel, and the Lyrical and Imaginative Poems of S. T. Coleridge " (1869), and the works of Chapman (1875).