Bedell. I. Gregory Townsend, D. D., an American clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal church, born on Staten Island, N. Y., Oct. 28, 1793, died in Baltimore, Aug. 30, 1834, while on his way to Philadelphia, where he was buried Sept. 2. He was a nephew of Bishop Moore of Virginia, and a graduate of Columbia college (1811). Having been ordained deacon in 1814, he became rector at Hudson, N. Y., in 1815, at Fayetteville, N. C, in 1818, and of St. Andrew's church, Philadelphia, which had been built for his use, in 1823, where he remained till his death. He was the author of many sacred poems, and of several musical compositions, some of which are, in familiar use in the churches. Among his other works are: "Bible Studies" (2 vols., 1829), "Ezekiel's Vision," "Onward, or Christian Progression," "Waymarks," "Is it well? " etc. After his death the Rev. Dr. Tyng published a memoir of him with 30 of his sermons (2 vols., 1836); the former was also published separately. As stated in this memoir, "he was very remarkable for the beauty of his oratory, and has been regarded by those best qualified to judge as a model of chaste, dignified, and impressive elocution." II. Gregory Thurston, D. D., an American bishop of the Protestant Episcopal church, son of the preceding, born at Hudson, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1817. He was educated at Bristol college, Pennsylvania, and the theological Seminary of Virginia, was ordained in 1840 at St. Andrew's church, Philadelphia, and became pastor at Westchester, Penn. He was rector of the church of the Ascension, New York, from 1843 to 1859, since which time he has been assistant bishop of Ohio. He is prominent among the evangelical clergy of the Episcopal church, and a number of his sermons have been published by request in the United States and England. He has also republished one of his father's works, "Pay thy Vows," under the title "Renunciation," with additions of his own.