Robert Turn Bull, an American clergyman, born at Whiteburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland, Sept. 10, 1809. He graduated at Glasgow university, studied theology, preached for a short time in Scotland and England, and in 1833 settled in Danbury, Conn. In 1835 he became pastor of the Baptist church in Detroit, in 1837 Of the South Baptist church, Hartford, Conn., in 1839 of the Boylston street (now Harvard street) Baptist church in Boston, and in 1845 of the first Baptist church in Hartford, where he still resides (1876). In 1851 he received the degree of D. D. from Madison university. He has published "The Theatre" (Boston, 1840); "Olympia Morata" (1842); "Vinet's Vital Christianity," translated, with an introduction and notes (1846); "The Genius of Scotland" (New York, 1847); " The Genius of Italy" (1849); "Theophany, or the Manifestation of God in Christ " (Hartford, 1851); "Vinet's Miscellanies " (New York, 1852); " Pulpit Orators of France and Switzerland " (1853); "Christ in History, or the Central Power" (Boston, 1856); and "Life Pictures, or Sketches from a Pastor's Note Book " (New York, 1857). He has edited Sir William Hamilton's "Discussions on Philosophy," and was for several years editor of the "Christian Review".