Angnst Hermann Niemeyer

Angnst Hermann Niemeyer, a German author, born in Halle, Sept. 11, 1754, died in Magdeburg, July 7, 1828. He acquired distinction as a theologian and pedagogue, and in 1808 became chancellor and rector of the university of Halle. In 1816 he went to Magdeburg as consistorial councillor His principal works arc: Gharahteristih der Bibel (5 vols., Hallo, 1 775-'82); Handbuch far christliche Religions-lehrer (2 vols., 1790); Grundsdtze der Erzie-hung und des Unterrichts (3 vols., 1796); and Lehrbuch der Religion far die obem Klassen in gelehrten Schuhn (18th ed., 1843). All his works passed through many editions, especially the last on account of its prohibition.

Angnst Leopold Crelle

Angnst Leopold Crelle, a German architect and mathematician, born at Eichwerder, March 11, 1780, died in Berlin, Oct. 6, 1855. He superintended the construction of roads and railways, was employed as a mathematician in the ministry of public instruction, and edited a mathematical periodical (50 vols., 1826-'55), and one for architecture (30 vols., 1828-'51).

Angnste Genevieve Valentin Davezac

Angnste Genevieve Valentin D'Avezac, an American lawyer, born in Santo Domingo, died in 1850. He was educated in France, fled with his family to the United States from the negro insurrections in his native island, studied medicine in North Carolina, settled as a practising physician in Virginia, and afterward, at the suggestion of his brother-in-law Edward Livingston, studied law and rose to distinction in New Orleans. In the war of 1812 he act£d as judge advocate and aid to Gen. Jackson, and in 1831 he was appointed by President Jackson charge d'affaires at the court of the Netherlands. He subsequently changed his residence to the city of New York, and again, during the administration of President Polk, was charge d'affaires at the Hague.

Angnste Maquet

Angnste Maquet, a French novelist, born in Paris in 1813. lie studied and taught at the college Charlemagne, and wrote for Alexandre Dumas parts of many works which the latter claimed exclusively as his own. In 184G, however, Maquet's pamphlet, La maison Alexandre Dumas et compagnie, forced Dumas to acknowledge his share in these productions; and in 1851 they dissolved their literary partnership. Maquet has published La belle Gdbrielle (5 vols., 1853-'5); Le comte de Laverme (10 vols., 1853-'5); La maison du laigneur (2 vols., 1856); Venders et Vendroit (4 vols., 1858); and La rose Uanclie (3 vols., 1859). Among the novels ostensibly by Dumas, the best known of those in the writing of which Maquet had a considerable if not the principal share are Les trois mousquctaires, Vingt am apres, Levicomte de Bragelonne, Monte Cristo and Joseph Bal-samo. He took the same share in dramatizing some of these novels, chiefly in conjunction with Dumas, but also with Jules Lacroix.

Angnste Poitevin

Angnste Poitevin, a French sculptor, born at La Fere about 1819, died in 1873. He studied in Paris, and exhibited in 1846 his first important work, representing " The Devotion of Viala." His group of "Judith" appeared in 1849, and was followed by several remarkable busts. For the new Louvre he executed groups symbolical of the fine arts, and for the museum at Amiens two statues representing Greek art and the Renaissance.