Danicle Da Volterra

Danicle Da Volterra, an Italian painter, whose real name was Ricciarelli, born in Volterra in 1509, died in Rome about 1566. He studied under Sodoma in Volterra, Baldassarc Peruzzi in Siena, and Perino del Vagain Rome. He assisted the last in various works, and succeeded him as superintendent of those for the Vatican. He was a friend and follower of Michel Angelo, under whose influence he executed his fresco of the " Descent from the Cross " in the church of Trinita de' Monti, a classical work which ranked next to Raphael's "Transfiguration" and Domenichino's "St. Jerome." Among the finest of his other works is the "Massacre of the Innocents " in Florence. On. the death of Paul III. in 1549 he lost his office, and turned his attention to sculpture. At the request of Paul IV. he covered with garments some of the nude figures of Michel Angelo's " Last Judgment," and was nicknamed " maker of breeches" (brachettone).

Daniel Berzsejvyi

Daniel Berzsejvyi, a Hungarian poet, born at Hetye, May 7, 1776, died at Nikla, Feb. 24, 1836. A volume of his lyrics entitled Versek appeared in 1813, embracing the best specimens of that kind of poetry till then published in Magyar, among them the stirring national ode "To the Hungarians" (2d ed., 1816). He also wrote aesthetical and philosophical essays. In 1830 he became a member of the Hungarian academy. A complete collection of his works was published in Pesth in 1842.

Daniel Bomberg

Daniel Bomberg, a Dutch printer, born in Antwerp, died in Venice in 1549. He printed several renowned editions of the Hebrew Bible, the first of which appeared at Venice in 1518. The Babylonish Talmud and many other Hebrew books were issued from his press in a style of execution so expensive as to ruin him.

Daniel Charles Solander

Daniel Charles Solander, a Swedish naturalist, born in Norrland, Feb. 28, 1736, died in London, May 16, 1782. He was educated at Upsal under Linngaeus, studied medicine, made a tour in Russia, and went to England in 1760, after spending some time in the Canaries. He was employed in preparing a catalogue of the collections in the British museum, and in 1766 published a catalogue of the Brander collection of fossils. In 1768-71 he accompanied (Sir Joseph Banks on Capt. Cook's first voyage round the world. In 1771 he received the degree of D. C. L. from Oxford university. In 1773 he was appointed under librarian to the British museum. He greatly promoted the study of botany in England.

Daniel Corrie

Daniel Corrie, bishop of Madras, born in England in 1777, died in Madras, Feb. 5, 1837. He went to India in 1806, was appointed archdeacon of Calcutta by Bishop Heber in 1823, and consecrated bishop of Madras June 14, 1835. He was a fellow laborer with Buchanan, Martyn, Heber, and Turner. He translated Sellon's abridgment of the Scriptures, the English prayer book, homilies, and other religious works, into Hindostanee, and compiled in English the outlines of ancient history for the use of the schools in India.