Laure Cinthie Montalant (Damoreau)

Laure Cinthie Montalant (Damoreau), a French vocalist, born in Paris, Feb. 6, 1801, died at Chantilly in 1863. Her parents were employed as concierges in the conservatory, and she became one of the pupils of that institution. In 1819 she made her first appearance in Paris under the name of Mademoiselle Cinti; but her reputation was not established until four years afterward. In 1827 she left the Paris opera and went to Belgium, where she married M. Damoreau, an actor connected with the theatre of Brussels. In 1829 she sang in the first act of the Matrimonio segreto together with Malibran and Sontag, without being eclipsed by either of those artists. In 1844 she took leave of the French stage, and made a professional tour in the United States. She afterward became professor in the conservatory, and held that position till 1856. She published a Methode de chant, an Album de romances, and some fugitive pieces.

Laurent Colot

Laurent Colot, a French surgeon, born at Tresnel, near Troyes, lived in the middle of the 16th century. He was instructed by Octavien Deville, a pupil of Marianus Sanctus, in the art of extracting stone from the bladder. He kept the process secret, and upon the death of Deville was appointed by Henry II. lithoto-mist at the Hotel-Dieu. The secret was transmitted to his grandson Philippe (born in 1593, died in 1656), who had an extensive practice in lithotomy. He taught the process to Res-titut Girault and Severin Pineau. Francois Oolot, who died June 25,1706, was instructed in the art by the son of Girault, and wrote a treatise upon the subject (Paris, 1727).

Laurent Joseph Pelletier

Laurent Joseph Pelletier, a French painter, born at Eclaron, Haute-Marne, in 1810. He became known in 1846 by his "Valley of Sierck," was appointed professor at Metz, and produced many landscapes, including views of Fontainebleau (1865-'74), "The Forest of Biche " (1869), and other forest views.

Laurentio Bellini

Laurentio Bellini, an Italian anatomist, born in Florence, Sept. 3, 1643, died Jan. 8, 1704. He was instructed in mechanics by Borelli, and at the age of 22 attained the chair of philosophy and theoretical medicine, and continued a brilliant career in this position for nearly 30 years. When 50 years of age he abandoned his professorship, and returned to Florence.


Laurentum, an ancient city of Latium, between Ostia and Lavinium, 15 m. S. S. W. of Rome, and contiguous to the coast. It is said to have been the capital of Latium and the residence of its king when AEneas and the Trojans arrived in Italy. After the establishment of the Roman empire it was incorporated with the neighboring municipality of Lavinium. Lau-rentum gave name to a territory extending from the mouth of the Tiber to near Ardea, which in imperial times was studded along the shore with the villas of the Roman aristocracy, including those of the younger Pliny and the emperor Commodus.